PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to work with “TM Manufacturers block” Module

“TM Manufacturers block” module gives an opportunity to display a list of manufacturers of your store on the home page. You may upload some images or display only the title of the manufacturers. The module also allows to display them in a carousel.
  1. In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Modules and Sevices -> Modules and Services. In the search field type “TM Manufacturers Block” to find a module. Click the Configure button to manage it: 
  2. You can set the following options:
    • Order by – set the order;
    • Display name – show the manufacturer’s name;
    • Display image – showing the images uploaded to manufacturers;
    • Number of elements to display – setting the number of manufacturers to be displayed on the home page;
    • Image Type – select an image type for the manufacturers’ images;
    • Use carousel – display the list of manufacturers in a carousel;
    • Visible items – restricting the number of manufacturers that are visible;
    • Items scroll – set the number of manufacturers shown in one carousel scroll;
    • Slide Width – the width of a single element in the carousel;
    • Slide Margin – the margin of the element in the carousel;
    • Auto scroll – enable/disable automatic scrolling;
    • Carousel speed – setting the carousel speed;
    • Pause – pause between scrolls (if “Auto-scroll” is enabled);
    • Random – carousel starts from a random element;
    • Carousel loop – carousel returns back to the beginning when all elements have been scrolled;
    • Hide control on end – hide next/previous buttons;
    • Pager – displaying the pagination;
    • Control – displaying next/previous buttons;
    • Auto control – displaying play/pause buttons;
    • Auto-hover – pause when hovering over carousel elements.

  3. Click the Save button to confirm the action. Refresh your website to see the changes.

Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for you.

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