OpenCart 3.x. How to use language editor

OpenСart 3 engine comes with a brand-new feature called Language editor which helps you edit language files directly from admin panel.

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  1. To access this tool, navigate to Design tab on the left and open Language editor.
  2. By default, it does not contain any entries whatsoever. Let us add one, click + button on the right.
  3. On the opened page you will have several options to narrow down your translations. Thus, you can select a specific Store in the Store field and a corresponding language in Language field.
  4. Next step would be choosing a specific section on your page where your text is located. So if you need to change or translate the text in the footer, you need to choose common/footer route in the Route field. Specific words will help you find out which route you need to go for.
  5. Once you chose the needed route, open Key drop-down below and locate the key of the text you need to change. To ensure, this is the exact text you were looking for, take a look at Default field, it will display current entry.
  6. If you are positive about the key you chose, fill in the Value field with your new text and hit Save button.
  7. It is noteworthy, that all your translations are stored and can be accessed anytime under Design > Language editor for further editing.

This is the end of the tutorial, now you can adjust translations in the store to your liking.

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