OpenCart 2.x/3.x. How to add custom Jetimpex modules translations

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to add translations of the theme modules, which are missing after new language installation. We will make all examples based on the Spanish language, but in your case, it will be any language you install.

Once you installed a new language pack and added the language to the admin panel, you need to add missing translations of the theme modules to the newly installed language.
  1. In order to do that you need to use FTP or cPanel, open public_html folder if the engine is installed into it. If the engine is installed to the subfolder you open public_html/subfolder_name and navigate to:

    • catalog/language/english/extensions/module
    • catalog/language/en-gb/module
    • catalog/language/en-gb/extensions/module
    • catalog/language/english/module

    All these directories are valid, and you need to use the ONE existing on your server.

  2. Copy all the files including tm_ or jetimpex_ in their names, e. g.:
    • catalog/language/english/module/tm_fbbox.php
    • catalog/language/english/module/tm_google_map.php
    • catalog/language/english/module/jetimpex_megamenu.php

    Your list may be shorter or longer.

  3. And copy these files to one of the directories, which exist on your server, in our case it will be Spanish language directory:
    • catalog/language/spanish/module
    • catalog/language/spanish/extensions/module
    • catalog/language/es-ES/module
    • catalog/language/es-ES/extensions/module

    Do not remove files from English language directory, just copy the files to the new language directory!

  4. We have copied all the files from English to Spanish language directory and now we need to open files one by one in Filemanager code editor or download to PC and use NotePad++, Sublime text, etc, to edit translations in files, as follows.

  5. We use the jetimpex_megamenu.php file as an example, it has the following coding:

    All we need to do is to translate the ‘Categories’ into Spanish, and you should translate it into your language:

  6. Save changes. Upload file back to the server if you downloaded it to your PC. Perform the translations to all the copied files.

    We hope this tutorial is much of help.
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