OpenCart 2.x. How to get rid of Related products on product page

If you wish to make your product page less crowded with the content and more informative, you may want to get rid of the Related products carousel.

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To do that, perform the following steps:

  • Open the following file via the FTP:

    Where your_theme_folder stands for your actual theme folder name, make sure not to choose ″default″ folder instead.

  • Please, make sure to create a backup of the unchanged file first.
  • Locate the block of code preceded by this comment:
  • which usually looks this way:
  • Make sure to remove the whole block of code, i.e. the opening < div > tag, the content inside and the closing < /div > tag.
  • Save the changes and that should be it.

Now the ‘Related products’ block should not appear on your single product pages.

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