OpenCart 2.x. How to add custom link to categories menu

This article will show you how to add your custom link to categories menu.

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You can check these guides on How to use Inspector tool on Mac and How to use Inspector tool on Windows.
  • First of all, open your site and inspect the menu link to see the structure of it.
    Usually, it looks like this:

You may have a slightly different layout with other classes or markup structure, nonetheless, it has to be reproduced to match the style rules applied to it.

  • Once you’re done with it, open the following file: catalog/view/theme/your_theme_name/template/common/header.tpl.
    You need to add the item twice to this file, once for mobiles and once for a desktop version of the site.
  • Locate the following block:
  • Paste your link keeping the structure before or after the <!–?php if ($categories) { echo $categories; } ?–> depending where you want to see a custom link, at the beginning or at the end of the menu.
    Eventually, it will look like this:
  • Now you will add items to your menu on the mobile view.
    Make the same changes to the desktop view, the block of the code is the following:

You may differ these blocks by the id assigned to them, the first one is menu-gadget, which is for mobiles and the second one is tm_menu – for desktops.

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