Magento 2. How to Add Breadcrumbs on Checkout Page?

Breadcrumbs are links that serves the navigation purposes and reveals the user’s location in your Website.

magento checkout breadcrumbs

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By default, Magento does not provide “Breadcrumbs” on the Checkout Page. This tutorial will show you how to display “Breadcrumbs” on the Checkout Page in Magento 2.
Open checkout_index_index.xml file

1. Open your Magento store root folder (it’s Magento installation dir) and go to the app > design > frontend > Zemez > themeXXX > Magento_Checkout > layout folder.

  • “Zemez” is your Magento theme vendor name, may be TemplateMonster or Jetimpex.
  • XXX is your current theme number.

2. Open the checkout_index_index.xml file and paste the code you see below before the </body> tag.

* In case there is no checkout_index_index.xml  file in the layout folder, you have to create new one with such content (note the file format, it should be .xml):

3.  Important: Save the file changes (or the file) and clear Magento cache.
Test the Results

Go to your Magento store Frontend (open you store in a browser), add any product to the Card and go to Checkout Page. The “Breadcrumbs” will be there.

magento checkout breadcrumbs


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