Magento 2.1.x. How to Set the Store Typography

➤ Here you can find the instructions on how to change the typography of your store.

1. Click the Stores > Settings > Configuration.

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2. Then choose the TEMPLATEMONSTER > Theme Options in the left side menu and you’ll move to the module settings interface.

3. Click on the Store View: Default Config.

4. Select a Store View or Store you want to modify from the option dropdown.

5. Confirm the scope switching in the pop-up window. Press “OK” to confirm.

5. Go to the General section.

6. Expand the Typography tab.

Settings for the Typography tab are the following:

  • Primary font family — set primary font family name (e.g ‘Serif’, ‘Sans-serif’ or ‘Monospace’ ).
  • Secondary font family —enter secondary font family name.
  • Primary font size — set primary font size (number with units e.g. 16px, 1.2em etc.)
  • Primary line height — set primary line height (number with units e.g. 16px, 1.2em etc.)

7. Click on the Save Config button and refresh the Magento cache.

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