Magento 2.1.x. How to Manage Catalog Price Rules

Magento 2 allows to set sales and promotions for your products.

Catalog Rules are used for applying discounts directly to products. The discount applies before ones are added to the shopping cart, so prices are automatically discounted on the the catalog level.

Add New Catalog Price Rule

1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel.

2. Go to Marketing, then tap Catalog Price Rule under the Promotions sections.

3. Click on the Add New Rule button in the top-right corner on the page.

Here you can specify the following information:

Rule Information
  • Rule Name — enter the name for new catalog price rule (not visible on the frontend).
  • Description — enter the description for the catalog price rule (won’t be displayed on the storefront).
  • Status — set whether the catalog price rule is active or not.
  • Websites — select a Website(s) where the rule can be used.
  • Customer Groups — select customer groups to which the rule applies.
  • From (Date)/ To (Date) — set the date range for the price rule. Leave the To option blank to make the price rule be valid indefinitely.
  • Priority — the rule with lower priority value is first to be applied.


1. You’ll see a statement  ” If ALL of these conditions are TRUE“.

2. You can choose between conditions ALL / ANY and TRUE / FALSE.

3. Click on “+” icon to add condition for the rule.

4. You can set the promotion on the basis of either Category, Color, Size or SKU, etc.

We will show how to add the condition based on Category attribute.

5. Click on “is” to select another condition, whether “is not”, “contains”, “not contains”, “is one of” or “not one”.

6. Tab “…” to select category(ies) to which you want to apply the discount (in out case).

7. Check the categories and press the “Apply” button.


1. Expand the Actions tab.

2. Сhoose the type of calculation to apply to the purchase:

  • Apply as the Percentage of the Original –  this means that the discount is calculated by subtracting a percentage of the regular price.  For example, the original price is $100 and after being discounted for 10% (you’ve set Discount Amount to 10), the final price is  $90.
  • Apply as Fixed Amount – this means that you will subtract a fixed sum from your regular price. For example, if the product costs $100 and discount is 20 (set Discount Amount to 20) the final price will be $80.
  • Adjust Final Price to this Percentage – adjusts the final price by a percentage of the regular price. For example, if the product costs $100 and we have 50% (set Discount Amount to 50) discount the final price will be $50.
  • Adjust Final Price to Discount Value – sets the final price to a fixed, discounted amount. This means that the value you enter in the Discount Amount option field is the final price. For example if set 70 in the field, so your final price will be $70 no matter what was the original price.

3. The Discount Amount option is required and sets the amount of discount that is offered.

4. To stop processing other rules after this rule is applied, set Discard Subsequent Rules to Yes.

This safeguard prevents customers from receiving multiple discounts for the same product.

5. Click on the Save button.

[notice type=”warning”]Note, it may take some time before the new price rule become available.