Magento 2.1.x How to Configure a Products Listing Layout

Here you can find the instructions on how to change product listing layout for Magento 2 themes.
Method 1

Log into your Magento Admin panel and navigate to Products > Categories section.

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Choose the category you want to change the layout of.

Expand the Design tab.

Move to the Layout option.

Available product listing layouts:

1. Column.
2. Columns with Right Bar. 
3. Columns.

Choose the most suitable category page layout from the option dropdown.

Save the settings.

Note the Use Parent Category Settings option. The option allows the current category to inherit the design settings from the parent category.

Clear the Magento cache.

Method 2 (Layout Switcher module)

[notice type=”warning”]The Layout Switcher module may not be included into your template package.

Navigate to Stores > Configuration section in your Magento Admin panel.

You will see TemplateMonster among the tabs listing, click on it and unfold the Layout Switcher tab.

Find the Default listing layout option. Select the most suitable layout for the category page.

Save the settings.

Clear the Magento cache.

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