Magento 1.x. How to Remove index.php from the Website URL

Here you can find the instructions on how to  remove “index.php” from the website URL.

[notice type=”warning”]To remove “index.php” from the web-site URL, the mod_rewrite module should be enabled on your server.

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Log in to your Magento store admin and go to the System > Configuration section.

Then click on the Web tab in the leftside menu.

Expand the Search Engines Optimization tab and set the Use Web Server Rewrites option  to Yes.

Then,  go to the Secure tab and set the Use Secure URLs in Frontend option to Yes, too. Click on the Save Config button.


Now you need to create an .htaccess file with the rewrite directives in the root of your Magento installation. You may use your hosting control panel File Manager or FTP to create a file.

Put the following code in the created file:

In case your Magento is installed in sub-folder, e.g. “shop”, you should use the following code:

Save the file and check your website.

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