How to manage slider in multilingual website

This tutorial is going to instruct you how to duplicate a slider (as well as any other module) to make it show up on a new version of your translated website.

Let’s follow these simple steps:

  1. Duplicate the Slider Content.
    1. Open the Content -> Categories section and click the New button at the top left corner.
    2. Set the title of your new category, for example, Slider DE, select the proper language on the right side and click the Save&Close icon at the top.
    3. Navigate to the Content -> Articles section and use the -Select Category- filter under the Search Tools to display just the Slider category articles.
    4. Check them all and click the Batch icon at the top, this will let you duplicate all the articles easily.
    5. Select your new language and the new category in the respective drop-downs, choose ‘copy’ below and click the Process button below.
    6. If you see the Batch process completed successfully message, it means that you have created the new category and assigned some slides to it, well done! 
  2. Duplicate the Slider Module
    1. When you have the content prepared, you can duplicate the slider module. To do so, proceed to the Extensions -> Modules section and find the existing slider module. It might be either a Swiper, Image Swoop or CarouFredSel module depending on the peculiarities of your theme design.
    2. Check the slider module and click the Duplicate button at the top. Then, open the newly appeared copy for editing.
    3. Enter the title of your newly created module, for example, Swiper DE and choose the category of the Slides you have created previously (in our case, Slider DE).
    4. Set the status of the module to ‘Published’ and select the appropriate language in the Language drop-down on the right side.
    5. Finally, switch to the Menu Assignment tab and check the pages of the corresponding language.

That’s all, you have created a new slider successfully!  

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