Troubleshooter. RD contact form does not work on PHP 5.2.x–5.3.x

This tutorial shows how to deal with the issues with RD Contact Form on PHP 5.2.x–5.3.x
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In most cases the following errors appear when the issue with a contact form is related to the version of PHP on your server:

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  • Parse errors: syntax errors
  • Message: “There was an error submitting the form”
  • Message: “Something went wrong”

The following steps should be performed in order to resolve the issue:

  1. Please, download and unzip updated RD Mailform files.
  2. Backup your website files:
    • bat\rd-mailform.php
    • bat\phpmailer\PHPMailerAutoload.php
    • bat\phpmailer\class.pop3.php
    • bat\phpmailer\class.smtp.php
    • bat\phpmailer\class.phpmailer.php
  3. Upload the updated files to the bat folder, accept files replacement. You can upload files using the FTP or Hosting File manager.
  4. Clear browser’s cache and check how the contact form works.

We have successfully resolved the issue with the contact form.

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