How to install a template

Would you like to learn how to install one of the easiest themes and get it ready to work within 5 minutes? Then, follow us and the instructions below! We are going to find the fastest way to install your template.

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Firstly, download the template package to your computer and unzip it. You will be able to find several folders inside. All that you need is stored in the "site" folder. Open it and upload the content inside including all the files and folders to a live server.

In case you are going to use the File manager on hosting control panel, zip the “site” folder content, but not the folder itself. Open the root directory on the server and select an “Upload” button. Usually, it is located in the top panel.

Once an upload process is done, look for the “extract” button and press it to unzip the archive content on the server.

Alternatively, you may use the right mouse click and choose an Extract option.

If you prefer to use the FTP client, there is no need to zip the content. Just drag and drop the content of the “site” folder to the website directory on your server.

When a “site” folder is transferred to the server, type your website address in the browser to check that your template has been installed correctly.

Now you are ready to build your own website. Feel free to modify HTML files on the server.

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