How to change RD GoogleMap style

In order to change the predefined RD GoogleMap style you should follow these steps:
rd google map

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  1. Open the HTML file with the map code in any code editor tool (usually it is index.html or contact-us.html page). Do not forget to make the file backup in case you will need to restore default settings.
  2. Locate the map code, for example:
  3. In order to change the style, you need to replace the code for a data-styles attribute with your new style code. This code can be found at website. It contains a lot of different styles where you can choose the one which meets your needs best.
  4. After choosing the needed style, click on the View all code button and copy the whole code which starts with the square bracket to the end.
  5. Paste the map style code to any code editor and replace all quotes (“) symbols with "
    You can use Find and Replace tool in your code editor. For example, in Notepad++ you need to use Ctrl+H hotkey in order to open the “Find and replace” dialog.
  6. Then open the HTML file, remove the map style code which starts with square brackets which you see between ” ” in a data-styles="" attribute and paste the copied and edited code to the place where the original code has been located.
  7. Save your changes and upload the file to the server replacing the existing one.

Done, now you just need to refresh the page with the map to see the changes!

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