How change background video

In case you read this tutorial, you have purchased the HTML theme that uses the RD Video Player extension in order to get a video player implemented. In the process of the theme layout customization you will face the question of how to change the RD background video. Thus, it is time to look at the feature closer. We are more than happy to present you the easy and quick way to gain the aim. Just keep following the tips available below:

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  1. Let’s embark on the changes, so, please, access the theme files via FTP or open File Manager tool in your hosting control panel.
  2. The 1st step is required since the video should be uploaded to the server. For this to be done, please, either create a new folder or just upload video files to the existing video directory on your server.
  3. Please, pay attention to the important feature for the correct functioning of the script. Since the video will be replaced automatically on mobile devices or PCs with low Internet speed, 5 versions of the video in .mp4 format with different extensions should be prepared. Correspondingly, you will need to prepare 5 versions of the image in .jpg format.

    Call attention to the requirements to the names of the videos and the images. Below is the example to avoid mistakes:
    a) video-(suffix).mp4
    b) video-image-(suffix).jpg

    Then check out the list of extensions, which you should prepare, and their suffixes:

    xs — for Extra Small Devices, Phone (380x240px); – video-xs.mp4
    sm — for Small Devices, Tablets (640x360px); – video-sm.mp4
    md — for Medium Devices, Desktops (854x480px); – video-md.mp4
    lg — for Large Devices, Screens (1280x720px); – video-lg.mp4
    xlg — for Extra Large Devices, Wide Screens (1920x1080px); – video-xlg.mp4

    Once all these steps are performed, you should have 10 files: 5 video files and 5 images in the folder.

    They show how to use video converters to convert your video to the required extension easily and quickly.

  4. When you are done with the steps 1-3 and all the required video files are uploaded to the server, open an appropriate *.html file of your page that contains a RD background video and find the following code in the file:
  5. At the beginning of the code you can see the path to the video file itself:
    You should edit the data-rd-video-path="video/bg-video-3/bg-video-3" part, where video/bg-video-3/ is the path to your video files on the server and the last part of the code piece, e.i. bg-video-3 is the name of the video/images files without extension.
  6. Now you can go ahead and save the changes in the file. Let’s replace the .html file and refresh your site to see the modifications.

We hope this article helped you to learn how to change RD background video.

Your attention is highly appreciated! Stay tuned for our pieces of advice to best suit your preferences in the process of the theme customization.

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