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Results of the year: Envato Best Shopify Store Themes 2021


Prime Envato marketplace selling best Shopify store themes

Hello, dear friends! I will probably not surprise you with my statement that ThemeForest is the largest library of Shopify templates. Moreover, it is considered the best marketplace. And it is justified! After all, the best companies cooperate with this platform. In addition, ThemeForest boasts more than 11,000 different premium themes for any kind of business. I’m sure that you too when choosing the best Shopify store themes for your business, where more than once surprised by the wide variety of highly functional templates.

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It’s time to take stock of a productive 2021. In this article, the 10 best Shopify store themes, which are presented on ThemeForest, are collected and presented. Additionally, the themes, which you will learn a lot about in this article, are the leaders in sales! Feel free to learn more about Shopify as the most popular platform nowadays.

2021’s Best Shopify Store Themes by ThemeForest

Ecommerce made a colossal breakthrough in 2021.  Thanks to the efforts of professional coders and talented designers, many companies have created a lot of incredible themes in the previous year. Various companies tried to make the highest quality electronic products to please entrepreneurs. Among the huge number of really successful Shopify templates, I decided to highlight the top 10 best Shopify store themes that are incredibly amazing with their functionality.

Most importantly these best Shopify store themes, which you will learn about right now, are the best selling templates! 

Without wasting any time let’s dive into the fascinating world of best Shopify store themes that are featured on ThemeForest from the most popular companies.

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Minimog— Shopify Next Generation Theme by ThemeMove


Opening our hit parade of best Shopify store themes, Minimog, which is the youngest Shopify theme. Moreover, this template is the next generation of the Shopify theme, and is the best in the category:

  • Weekly bestselling Shopify theme!
  • Monthly bestselling Shopify theme!
  • Envato’s rising stars!

Minimog is on the list of best Shopify store themes for a reason! First, the theme comes with the exclusive FoxKit app. In truth with FoxKit – an app created specifically for Minimog – the theme has a wide range of ready-made layouts, elements, components, and unlimited possibilities. And most importantly, you do not need to pay extra fees! 

Second, there are over 50 demos available in this theme! Third, Minimog combines many content blocks that you can customize yourself. Thanks to this, the website page will be sorted in a very short time.

Just imagine what kind of website you’ll get!

Minimog is the perfect solution if you want to create the most powerful, coolest, and most high-tech website for your online store. By the way, this theme is the best for you if you want to sell clothes, jewelry, sporting goods, shoes, bags, electronics.

Vendy – Multipurpose Shopify Theme from ZEMEZ


Introducing the opening of the year 2021! One of the best Shopify store themes, Vendy – Multipurpose Shopify Theme from Zemez.  Zemez is well known as one of the leading Shopify theme developers. Every product of the company is truly unique!

Vendy is one of the most affordable premium themes on the market, and like all Zemez products, its quality is verified by Envato. It is a new multipurpose Shopify theme for online fashion stores. Nevertheless, although this theme is focused on fashion brands, it is suitable for almost any type of online store.

Vendy offers:

  • more than 10 ready-made homepage templates;
  • 2 About Us pages;
  • Lookbook fashion page;
  • multiple Product and Collections pages;
  • fashion Blog pages;
  • 3 newsletter pop-ups variations.

The trick of this fully responsive theme is the elegant design. The design of one of the best Shopify store themes – Vendy is clean and minimalistic, so you can highlight products in the best way possible. 

Also, the theme from Zemez includes several built-in integrations. First of all, integration is Floatton. Second, Vendy integrates with the Hura FB Messenger app. Which allows you to link a Facebook chat widget to your store. Also, Vendy integrates with all major social networks, all modern browsers, and popular payment systems, including Amazon, eBay, and Houzz.

Right now go to the site and find out even more interesting things about Vendy—Multipurpose Shopify Theme from Zemez. Believe me, you will be shocked by Vendy’s capabilities!

Wokiee — Multifunctional  Shopify Theme by p-themes


Continues the list of best Shopify store themes for 2021 theme Wokiee—an outstanding Premium Shopify theme. It is an excellent multipurpose Shopify eCommerce template that can be a great solution for your business. Moreover, Wokiee — Multipurpose Shopify Theme is the 1st eCommerce theme recommended by Envato tuts+!

Wokiee, one of the best Shopify store themes offers a great variety of design tools. Most importantly, this template has all the necessary tools and modules to create a super-fast adaptive website with a stunning UX. Moreover, the large variety of layouts and styles allows you to create different structures and satisfies any wish.

It also includes many high-tech features, such as:

  • Megamenu;
  • Instagram shop/feed;
  • Wishlist;
  • Compare;
  • Related products;
  • Special Price Countdown;
  • Quick view;
  • And many more!

Premium Shopify Theme Wokiee is a good choice for your store!

Multipurpose theme with sections — Ella from halothemes


Ella is a versatile Shopify template that takes pride of place in the list of best Shopify store themes. This template is presented with several layouts and styles that allow you to create different structures. Thus, due to the mentioned features satisfies your different requirements. Moreover, Ella provides many subsidiary themes for different types of businesses.  

In addition, a feature of this, one of the best Shopify store themes is the presence of major functional advantages:

  • 22+ homepage layouts;
  • 16+ child themes;
  • 09+ layout options for category page;
  • 12+ layout options for product page ;
  • RTL, Multiple languages, Multiple currencies, Automatic currency by GEO location, and more.

Roxxe – Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme from  ZEMEZ


Roxxe from the talented developers of the Zemez team is an innovative universal adaptive Shopify theme. This theme will be a great web solution for literally any online business. This theme is one of the best Shopify store themes presented on ThemeForest. Moreover, it’s already been a sales leader for a long time!

This template is a versatile solution for creating the perfect online store. In addition, the Roxxe theme offers a unique and modern design that will emphasize the personality of your brand. The theme is designed according to all modern trends. And as a result, conquers with modern style and highly technical professionalism. And most importantly, it will help you stand out among your competitors!

One of the main advantages of Roxxe is that it is fully adaptive, so it looks great on any screen size!

It is also important that Roxxe works together with Shopify Visual builder. So it allows you to create as many homepage layouts as you want. You can also change the order of the sections according to your individual wishes. In other words, when you buy one of the best Shopify store themes Roxxe from the young and promising Zemez team —you get over 70 pre-created homepages! 

Visit the site and learn more amazing information about Roxxe – Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme from Zemez. Believe me, with this theme you will create a successful e-commerce website!

Versatile Shopify Theme by The4 Kalles


Kalles is an innovative and feature-rich Shopify Theme.  It features a modern design, minimalist style, and a variety of demo pages. Because of the many functional benefits of Clean, Versatile, Responsive Shopify Theme Kalles is one of the best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest marketplace.

It is also important that Kalles includes:

  • 40+ homepage;
  • 10+shop page;
  • 10+product page;
  • 08+geader style.

Moreover, Kalles includes more than fifteen specially created demonstrations. Each of the demonstrations has many outstanding features and attractive styles. 

Kalles is the epitome of simplicity, innovation, and accessibility and is therefore considered one of the best Shopify store themes on the ThemeForest marketplace.

November – Multipurpose Sections Shopify Theme


Continues the list of best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest marketplace with another theme from shopifytemplate – November. This attractive Shopify theme is created based on the latest version of Bootstrap 4.3.1. This theme consists of a lot of unique features. It also has a stylish and trendy design. The stylish design of Shopify Theme November meets all the requirements of an e-commerce website. 

First of all, the November Shopify theme, which is one of the best Shopify store themes, consists of 15 pre-designed demo pages. These pages are suitable for a variety of topics, for example, fashion, beauty, art and culture, furniture and home decor, etc.

The important thing is that November —Multipurpose Sections Shopify theme is:

  • SEO-optimized;
  • has a well-structured codebase;
  • built using new web technologies: Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome 4, SVG.

And it also has a lot of feature-rich technologies so that you can create a great website according to your preferences.

Kala—Customizable Shopify Theme from kalathemes

One of the best Shopify store themes on the ThemeForest marketplace is Shopify Theme—Kala.

Kala is a multipurpose, original Shopify theme with an adaptive design. There’s a reason it’s on the list of best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest. All thanks to a variety of functionalities.  First, this theme provides a lot of different layouts and design styles. As well as powerful theme settings that you can easily customize for any e-commerce business. Secondly, the Kala theme contains:

  • more than 110 unique sections;
  • 11 different headers; 
  • 5 different footers; 
  • 5 creative product page layouts and many MegaMenu styles.

Moreover, this theme provides more than 60 homepage layouts for more than 60 niche stores. 

And it’s all in one version of Shopify Theme—Kala!

Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme from roartheme — Fastor


Complementing the list of the best Shopify store themes according to loyal customers marketplace ThemeForest, versatile and versatile Shopify Sections Theme—Fastor. 

Imagine, this theme has more than 95+ skins! Moreover, a team of professional developers is constantly updating skins. Thereby making Fastor more famous and in demand. Furthermore, it is important to know that this theme is very easy to install. You will be able to customize all the features on your own according to your needs. Moreover, you don’t need any special knowledge to do it!

Also, Fastor one of the best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest marketplace impresses with its set of functional advantages. For example:

  • Powerful MegaMenu;
  • LookBook;
  • Filtration system;
  • Product order notification;
  • Sub-collection page;
  • Quickview and much more.

And the cool thing about Fastor is that it has unique and original features, such as 3D objects and Shopify AR. With the help of 3D objects support, you will be able to show the goods of your online store in all their glory. Shopify AR support lets your customers see how the products they want to buy fit into their interiors.

More detailed information you can find on ThemeForest marketplace.

Porto – Responsive Shopify Theme by obest


Rounding out the list of best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest marketplace is Porto Shopify Theme. It’s not just any eCommerce theme. Porto is a multi-functional template, which contains all the best features in order to create the perfect online store. And the main advantage is the exclusive eCommerce design. Porto eCommerce design is built with amazing UI and UX experience and is constantly being updated.

First, Porto Shopify Theme has all the tools and features you need to create an ultra-fast adaptive website with a stunning UI and UX. Secondly, it offers more than 20 niche demos, layouts, and styles. These advantages will allow you to create a modern e-commerce store. 

About Porto – a premium Shopify theme, which is considered one of the best Shopify store themes, you can learn more on ThemeForest.

Sum Up the Best Shopify Store Themes:

After analyzing these 10 best Shopify store themes on ThemeForest marketplace, I can confidently say that 2021 was the year of incredible discoveries. World-renowned companies delighted us with incredible and feature-rich Shopify novelties. Moreover, the older templates have pleasantly surprised us, which confidently hold the bar of the best on par with the new Shopify themes.

I would also like to note the templates that have become a breakthrough of the year and occupy the leading position in sales on the ThemeForest marketplace — this: 

Take your online business to the next level and constantly improve your e-commerce business! And ThemeForest marketplace will help you with that. After all, this is where you’ll find the best Shopify store themes!

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