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New Content Marketing Trends in 2021


What are New Content Marketing Trends?

Content is king – in the marketing world, some will say that this statement is overheard, but it remains to be an undisputed fact. People go online for information, solutions, entertainment, education, and more. And, all of those needs come in the form of new content marketing trends.

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This content is something that you can leverage as a marketer. You can associate your brand with content that is helpful to your target audience. Then, they will find your brand as one of the solutions or reliable sources of information for their interests. Use content the right way, and you will engage your audiences into conversion. As a result, you will get the excellent ROI that you need. Get acquainted with the Best Marketing WordPress Themes from Zemez.

Content marketing trends are growing more competitive in 2021. Here are the new content marketing trends you should look out for from today to the future.

7 content marketing trends 2021

  1. Creating Content Communities.
  2. Live Streaming.
  3. Upgrading the Content Experience.
  4. Native Advertising.
  5. Social Media.
  6. Cross-Channel Content Repurposing.
  7. Experimenting on AI-Generated Copy.

Below we are going to take a look at each new content marketing trends peculiarities in detail.

Trend No.1: Creating Content Communities

Creating content communities is one of the most significant new content marketing trends in 2021. This is because lockdowns and shutdowns have left everyone with no choice but to gather online using tools like Slack.

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Engage people in Facebook Groups or Subreddits, or engage people on apps like Slack.

We recommend you communicate your content strategy creatively and effectively using Content Marketing PowerPoint Templates. These PowerPoint Slides will help you save time and create professional and easy-to-use presentations.

Trend No.2: Live Streaming

As the world continues to heal from the unfortunate events of 2020, the need for online servicing, education, consultation, entertainment, and more continues to rise. Also, even when we eventually end up winning over the issues we face today, the international status of businesses requires digital methods of delivery.

Hence, live streaming will continue to become a staple for all industries. Meetings, classes, let’s plays, and even adult entertainment today have had to go for this content marketing method.

Retail and merchandise brands are expected to make live sales today and in the coming years.

Trend No.3: Upgrading the Content Experience

Today, a person spends at least six hours online. This means that people have seen it all – popups, ad panels, and offers that have already grown annoying to them. If you focus on selling on your pages, you will quickly have high bounce rates. What you need to pay attention to is improving your content experience. You have to think about all the levels of your funnel when preparing content. You can use SILO to organize your articles seamlessly.

One way of getting your audience into your rabbit hole using SILO is to create a long-form main article for a competitive keyword. Then, create several short-form articles using low-competitive keywords that backlink to the main.

Trend No.4: Native Advertising as a New Content Marketing Trends Issue

Native advertising is non-obvious paid advertising in which content is seamlessly woven onto the main content of the platform where it appears. For example, The Falcon and Winter Soldier gives audiences an entertaining show, but subliminal entices you to buy merch.

Another example is when IKEA shows you a video of how to DIY one of their products. It offers you something you want, something helpful, and something to buy.

The most common native ads are those that you see on your social media feed. They are related to your interests and are part of your scrolls – but they’re paid ads that don’t feel plastic. Research shows that 70% of audiences prefer learning about products from native content compared to traditional ad methods. A global analysis of native advertising shows that spending will rise by 372% from 2020 to 2025. When done correctly, you can multiply your ROI with native advertising. Check the best WordPress Theme for News Portal & Magazine 2021.

Trend No.5: Social Media

Social media started in 1997, and by the early 2000s until now, it has continued to rise in the user population. It continues to be a pool of leads. About 3.96 billion people, or 58.11% of the global population, are on social media.

You may try to buy followers or apply native advertising to leverage content marketing on social media. The platforms are also an excellent start for building content communities.

Trend No.6: Cross-Channel Content Repurposing

This is one of the things you have to do to compete. Podcasters turn their scripts into articles, YouTubers turn their videos into podcasts, and so on. Doing this allows you to reach out to more of your audience on multiple platforms.

Trend No.7: Experimenting on AI-Generated Copy

Today, the name of the digital marketing game is speed, and an excellent copywriter, while able to do the job, will need all the help one can get to push more out. If you are looking into becoming competitive in your content marketing, you have to play with the latest technologies today.

Here’s a tool to help you with your native ad content. is a native ads management and tracking tool guaranteed to show you everything and make things fast and convenient for you.

Hopefully, this post about the new content marketing trends was useful for you!

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