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Best WordPress Theme for News Portal & Magazine 2021

The Internet is part of our everyday life. It’s hard to imagine what our lives will be like if the Internet disappears from it. The global network allows us to communicate, receive information, sell and buy. With the best WordPress theme for news portal, everyone can start a business. You can create your own site, or create a portal and earn money. At the same time, it is not necessary to sell something at all. If you are a specialist in your business, a real expert, create an information site. On its pages, talk about what you are well versed in, give advice or publish guides on solving specific problems.

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An information site is a resource whose main task is to publish useful information. On the Internet, you can find universal information sites created for various purposes – from encyclopedias and reference books to general news sites.

General information sites usually have a very wide audience: everyone reads useful information or news today. At the same time, niche news (narrow topics, for example, about knitting, online education or skiing) will be read by a narrower audience. Those who really are interested in her and in whose life it occupies an important place. With quality and interesting content, casual visitors to information sites quickly turn into regular readers. They add them to bookmarks and visit them quite regularly.

Site design is not an easy task, it requires technical knowledge. However, this task can be easily solved by using online site designers who will provide a ready-made design and structure to create a portal, and you will only have to fill it with content.

Structure of the News Portal

Before creating an information portal with the best WordPress theme for news portal, you need to think about its structure, the purpose of creating and imagine the target audience of the project. Based on this, you can choose the design of the site. For example, if your information portal is dedicated to alpine skiing, its design will differ from a site for young mothers or a portal telling about the stock and securities market.

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The structure of the news portal usually contains several standard blocks. It can be a news feed or announcements, a section with articles or a blog, this should be supplemented by a description of the project, contact information and a section for advertisers; depending on the subject of the resource, it may have a photo or video gallery.

The main wealth of information web resource is useful content. It is thanks to this component that the information portal can form a stable core of the audience of readers, in which advertisers will be interested. However, even the highest quality content can be of low value to users if the site is inconvenient, its structure is not thought out or the design does not meet its goals.

We present to you the most convenient topic for creating such a resource – the best WordPress theme for news portal. A ready-made site creation solution has already been prepared for you. It includes all the necessary sections and tools for quality work. This method of creating sites using a ready-made template is an ideal solution for a person who is not familiar with programming and does not have technical knowledge. Simply select a template and fill in the required fields will allow you to get a well-designed site, ready for use.

Most Common Site Creation Errors

If you are creating your site for the first time, you should definitely pay attention to this. And even if you are an experienced user and have been working with sites for more than a year, you still need to read it. We have prepared a list of the most common errors that 90% of users make when creating a site. Of course, the best WordPress theme for news portal will make your work easier, but still read this to avoid mistakes in the future.

The important mistake – it is not clear what the site is about. Do you want to write about everything at once? The visitor must understand within the first few seconds what your company is doing, whether it can solve his problems and, in general, how your site will be useful to him. In addition, a page full of redundant images and design elements requires time to load.

Insufficient site information. This is another extreme when there is literally nothing on the site. Minimalism is a fashion trend, but it works when everything is done correctly. The visitor leaves too mysterious sites very quickly.

In the site, all components are not combined with each other. It happens when you use many different fonts, styles, backgrounds. When working with the site, adhere to the same style, use the same logo and font. If you are working with a ready-made template, it makes the task very simple.

Confusing navigation – users today are accustomed to quickly get the necessary information. Make the navigation of your site understandable and convenient, so you will increase the conversion of visitors several times.

Inappropriate or poor-quality images. You can avoid this problem when using ready-made templates. Bad images spoil the look of the site and distract readers.

Multifunctional Best WordPress Theme for News Portal

To launch your online resource that everybody want to read and visit every day, you can use the best WordPress theme for news portal. The KingNews is one of our favorites, as it offers clean and modern design for news sites and all kinds of magazines. The template is suitable for sites about games, lifestyle, travel, fashion, technology and cooking. Adaptive design is suitable for any device, regardless of its size. Linked widgets will speed up the development process and make your articles attractive on the home page.

You also receive technical support to quickly resolve questions about the operation of the site. You can customize all colors and theme fonts directly on the WordPress toolbar and select one of the four blog layouts. These layouts include full width masonry, regular masonry, classics, and list. By default, fonts are quite reliable, but you get access to more than 800 Google fonts, which significantly expands your printing capabilities.

The topic is KingNews very convenient. It provides a clean and modern interface with an adaptive layout and built-in social network buttons. In fact, this is one of the most impressive free solutions, especially if you are trying to test your capabilities on a news site.

Here you can use all the tools that will attract attention and keep visitors on the site. This is a huge advantage, given that online magazines should stand out with bright text and stylish design.

KingNews – an indispensable template of news and magazines with clean, modern design. It is suitable for anyone who wants to share their stories about modern technologies, the latest news or the most popular products.


If you are looking for the best WordPress theme for news portal, that is easy to set up, take a look at the KingNews. This topic is highlighted by ready-made log layouts that can be imported with a single click. The theme offers multiple demos depending on the type of journal or online publication you want to create. Whether it’s a fashion blog, tech magazine or travel magazine, there’s a demo for every taste. With a theme, it is easy to monetize your site through advertising networks or other third-party ads.

The theme uses Elementor, so you can easily change the layout and other page settings. It has built-in widgets and unlimited color options. If this is not enough, keep in mind that you can always expand the theme with additional plugins. The best WordPress theme for news portal is also adaptive and supports real-time search.

Any newspapers, blogs and magazines work well with this theme, as it is completely adaptive and ready to show your content using sliders, videos and images. You can customize the theme design completely to your liking. You get adaptive layouts and a slider with recommended content to reveal the hottest stories of the week. The template includes flat social network icons, a search bar at the top. Here are well-organized modules for demonstrating new and related stories. Integration with social networks is convenient for attracting users to your own pages, as well as for attracting visitors to posts on your blog. Without a doubt, the theme will pleasantly surprise you with its capabilities and help create a great modern site.

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