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How to Use Customize Page to Edit a WordPress Theme


In this tutorial, we are going to overview how to use customize page to edit a WordPress theme.

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How to Use Customize Page for WordPress Theme

WordPress Customizer is a tool designed to make your site stand out. You can construct any combination of colors, templates, and widgets to make your site completely original. But what other things can this WordPress Customizer do? Is this a one-stop solution, or is using code also a necessity? 

These are a few of the questions we will answer in this post. Let’s find out what features we can tailor for our site. 


The Website’s Logo

You can start off by changing a few critical elements of your site’s identification. If you already have a logo or want to upload one, go to ”Select Logo.” Make a new image or use one from your Media Library. Your company’s logo is usually a fixed graphic of about 512 x 512 pixels in length and height.

The name and motto must be distinctive. These tend to impact your blog’s SEO rankings as well as its presence on the Google search page. A description tagline and website name will help attract visitors. A site icon is another must-have. Using an identifiable symbol will make it easier for people to recognize your blog. 

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Template Alternatives

Layout determines the format of your pages. A template area will show up under Page Settings in the supervisor sidebar. Your choices in WordPress template editing are:

  • Standard default layout. It displays page content across the screen and a sidebar.
  • The full-width layout, without a sidebar. The page content appears across the whole screen.
  • The grid layout. This format shows content in a lattice.

Altering a page’s format will change the viewer’s perception altogether. You can go through the WordPress templating tutorial exercise to alter your pages further.


Different studies have shown that hues can represent the tone of a site. Modify the primary shades of your site to establish your vibe and draw in the target clients. The Customize page lets clients modify colors to suit their needs. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are known to have their pages in a calming blue color, so why shouldn’t we customize our pages too!

The header text and its coloring can be adjusted, too. Various factors come into play while modifying the tone of the site. Everything relies upon how much time and exertion the designer puts into the subject choices.


Headers are a fundamental part of web architecture. They lead your clients where they would like to go. Since headers today typically contain pictures and recordings, it only means that you can upload your own files to tailor them to your requirements.


Making WordPress menus isn’t as intense as it seems. A WordPress template controls how a menu’s submenus show up. Animated and dynamic WordPress menus are both possible. Posts, guides, and structures can be stacked in the menus. You can either use the premade menus that come with themes or customize them using code. 

You can customize everything about a menu, including the text font and its location on the page. Many astounding modules are available to transform your standard WordPress menu into a remarkable tool.


It is possible to add a specific feature to another WordPress blog by using minor parts of WordPress called widgets. Clients can add widgets to their blogs in order to give more information about certain areas.

These snippets of information, images, or social media components make your page interactive and fun surely. Widgets save you from having to write the code yourself to show simple things in your site’s sidebars. Drag and drop the squares where you need them.

First Page

The First Page board has been developed to adjust your theme if it has static home pages. The most recent posts can be shown on the home page or on a different page. It’s possible to set up both a landing page and a post page in WordPress when you choose “Static Page.” Choose “Add New Page” if you want to make another one.

CSS Expansion

Markedly, any HTML report can be styled using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You can use CSS to change colors, edges, typefaces, and many other elements. It was only from version 4.7 onwards that clients could go into ‘editor mode’ and alter the template documents directly.

However, your task is simple. Find the Additional CSS box available in the WordPress Customizer. You’ll have to append your custom CSS code here, which will have an immediate impact on all the visual elements.

How to Use Customize Page for WordPress Conclusion

Now that you know how to use customize page to edit the WordPress theme. It’s time for you to make your website shine! Make certain that the color schemes are pleasant and attractive and that your products are not lost in the theme itself. You will only have to worry about your perfectionism and nothing more! Take some time to design your scheme and layout before you put in the actual work — this will save you time in the long run.

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