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How AI voices are taking over the traditional text to speech industry


In this article, we are going to overview AI voices, the machine-learning technology that can convert text to speech.

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90% of human communication still happens through voice. Unfortunately, the progress in technology took time to catch up with it. Well, the old-traditional voice-over industry gave the memory of unpleasant phonetic voice and appeared spammy.

But according to Google, 53% of voice-activated speaker owners feel natural talking to it. AI-powered text to speech is now far more effective for expressing emotion than originally believed. Some voices can not even be distinguished from human voices.

Markedly, text-to-speech began with hundreds of hours of recorded dialogue and voice-overs. Over the years, it has progressed to more natural-sounding AI voices, synthesized from only a few hours of audio.

It is clear that AI has taken over. But, does your brand need an AI voice?

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Let’s dive right in, and see how AI is becoming ubiquitous in the text-to-speech industry and why your customers may need an AI voice experience.

Artificial intelligence advances in text-to-speech

AI voices

AI Voice is based on machine-learning technology and can convert text to speech from text with authentic accents and intonation. Alexa and Siri are examples of AI voices that connect to humans to control appliances.

AI text to speech

Without manually recording a voiceover from text, AI can generate voice output. Moreover, the language, voice, annotations, and pronunciation can be customized. You can use AI text-to-speech in marketing, production, etc.

A massive amount of ongoing, continuous research is progressively making the so-called voices AI technology more efficient. From the input it gets, the AI text-to-speech has the ability to come up with creative solutions on its own. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI can interpret data with extraordinary accuracy on a large scale. Ordinary text to speech is restrictive. AI leverages advanced speech patterns, phrasing, and tone of voice to provide more authentic and consistent audio.

AI has brought the following advancements in TTS:

Audio Quality

  1. A natural-sounding voice that accurately captures intonation and minor details of input text.
  2. Expressive and realistic accents.
  3. The ability to pick up new languages and accents.
  4. The art of narrative.
  5. Update and modify speech in real-time.

Flexibility and scalability

●  The AI-based TTS software provides a large variety of speech options. 76 percent of internet buyers prefer to purchase products that have information in their own language. Furthermore, 40% of people will never buy from a website that isn’t in their native language. You may lose your potential customer Without AI, it is difficult and expensive to convert your content into different languages.

●  Personalization is another major feature of AI voices. Traditional text-to-speech can not personalize content for the listener in real-time. While AI can be used to target users using personalized ads, podcasts, etc.

●  AI text to speech provides features like grammar assistance, background music, and visual alignments.

Does your brand need an AI voice?

People are listening digitally more than ever before, and TTS enables a wide range of publishers to make their material audible. 75% of Americans listen to spoken-word audio each month, while 43% listen daily. Not just this. Statista suggests that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units, a number higher than the world’s population.

You spend hundreds of dollars on content marketing, but did you know that in the United States 20% of adults have poor English literacy skills? They can not understand and connect with your content.

Your brand, with a voice, is more clear and harder-hitting. Your audience resonates with and interprets the content better. Moreover, visually impaired people (more than 12 million in the US) can access your content comfortably. As unequivocally as we can state,

 “Your brand needs an AI voice now.”

Why should you not choose a human voice?

The voice you choose for your brand will have an impact on whether and how customers connect with you. It should be capable enough to be the digital voice of your brand. The voice of Alexa represents the trust of Amazon, which is adored by millions.

But, what if the voice of Alexa was recorded by a celebrity? And if the celebrity is charged with a defamation case.

It would be very hard for Amazon to change the voice of its brand.

The most serious problem that can occur with traditional text-to-speech using a human voice, is losing the voice through which people identify your brand. Humans and their voices have a limited life span. An artist you hire for your text-to-speech conversion, can change companies, careers, or retire. You can’t expect a voice, unless it’s AI, to work limitlessly with you.

A human voice is static. Only an AI voice can work limitlessly with you.

AI Voices Technology Conclusion

Traditional text-to-speech was limited, non-scalable, and robotic. As humans, we perceived these voices to be untrustworthy. Surely, it was hard to build brand trust using them. Every business promises innovations in user experience with AI voice.

The time for the traditional text-to-speech industry has passed. In today’s scenario, businesses need enhanced user experience, customization, and personalization. We need AI-based text-to-speech software.

Nevertheless, AI voice has not reached its optimal level. Technology is progressing, but it will take some time for it to be intelligent enough to act like a human and, ironically, not sound “artificial”.

We might have to go through multiple adjustments and revisions, using the traditional text to speech, even for the slightest development in the content (speech). Hence the industry is shifting towards AI.

Though AI voices cannot be as persuasive as humans. But in today’s scenario, which is led by the demand for powerful content, It can play a major role.

AI voice appears to be more characteristic, less restrictive, more controllable, and than what text to speech was without AI.

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