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First steps: WordPress getting started

If you are interested in web design but you are a newbie in this sphere, WordPress is a nice platform for you to start with. It gives you an opportunity to use ready templates and includes lots of plugins to customize pages at your discretion and make them look gorgeous.

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But how to do all these things, if you have never before worked with WordPress? Here we have prepared some steps on how to get started with WordPress and create the modern platform for your blog or business by yourself.

Hosting search and WordPress installation

  • WordPress getting started with searching for a hosting service that is comfortable to use. You can choose the one on our site by clicking the “Hosting” page. Here we offer some hostings that will be suitable for you.
  • Then you should set up the server. You can install your own but if you are a beginner it will be easier to find such a service that has already included a configured server and is also ready to host a site. There is a big variety of such services both free and paid. Of course, paid services have higher quality and better features but if you want to start with free you may.
  • Download the WordPress on your computer:
  • Extract the folder from the zip file and add it to the server folder. Run the server and go to localhost:
  • Write “localhost/wordpress” in the search field and you will appear at this page:
  • Click on the “WordPress/” and the WordPress page opens. Sign up to continue the work.

Start with domain

Getting started with WordPress is not only to install the server and program on your PC. It also includes work with your future site. Create your website and domain name. The domain name in a few words means the part of your website URL. It should be interesting and show your purpose. Domain name includes .com, .org, or .net suffix. You can choose any one of them. Now when you have finished choosing the domain, go to the next steps.

Customize and improve

Choose the theme for your future website. You can take a free theme that WordPress offers to you. To do that you should go to the “Appearance” – “Themes” and press “Add New”. On this page, you see the variety of themes that are available for you.


You can also upload your new theme by clicking “Upload Theme”. Also, you can find ready templates on our “WordPress” page. There you can choose themes on different topics, whether you want to create a personal blog or online store, all are included.

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Customize the chosen theme by going to the “Customize” page. Find it in the “Appearance” – “Customize”. Here you can put the name of your site, logo, tagline, site icon, choose the colors, create a menu, add widgets, etc.

To make the page editing more simple and get more features to add different plugins. You can do it easily by clicking on “Plugins” in the left sidebar of the page and pressing “Add new”. In the left corner inside the special search field write a keyword of the necessary plugin, for example, “Elementor”. Install it by clicking “Install Now”.


Create the pages

To make the site navigation more simple add more than one page. In a simple way, if you create a blog you may add such pages as “About” to describe yourself or your project, “Portfolio” to show your works, and “Contact” to let visitors contact you. Start with the “About” page. To create it go to the “Pages” and click on “Add New”. Add necessary widgets by pressing the “+” to make your page look gorgeous. Repeat this action to the other pages.


Fill the pages with content

If you have got a prepared content or you have published it earlier on other platforms such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, etc. you can import them to your WordPress blog. Go to the “Tools” and click “Install Now” in front of the necessary platform.


You have read our advice that is the most necessary in our opinion when you get started with WordPress. You can check more of our tutorials on Zemez or additional WordPress tutorials to make a deeper acquaintance with all these steps by following them.

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