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WordPress backup and restore

How offensive it is when you lose all your data while customizing your WordPress theme. Your content is the most valuable thing that you have on your website. So when you start changing something, care about backup and restore the WordPress database.

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WordPress backup and restore are not easy topics, but we will try to explain it to you in a simple way. You can create a backup with the help of special WordPress plugins or manually. Backup restore depends on how you have created the backup. If you have done it with the plugin you can restore using the same plugin. A similar story is with manually created backups. If you created the backup file manually, the restoring would also be performed manual.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a backup of the database access, backup WordPress theme and restore using very simple guide.

WordPress backup using plugin

The most simple way to create a WordPress backup is to do it with a special plugin. We suggest to use UpdraftPlus Backups. To install it go to ‘“Plugins” and click on “Add New”. Put “UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore” into the search field and “Install” the necessary plugin. Don’t forget to activate to start using it.

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    To make your first backup restore go to “Settings” and find the “UpdraftPlus Backups”. Tap on the “Backup Now” and get the backup. You can see it in the “Existing Backups”. There is an opportunity to restore all necessary data by clicking on the “Restore” button and choosing what components you want to restore. Also, you can do all the backup restore. It can be plugins, themes, uploads, others or databases. If you need you can download the backup file to your computer.

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      Manual backup with PhpMyAdmin

      If you want to create a backup manually without using any plugin, you need the help of PhpMyAdmin. Log into your hosting cPanel and open the Databases section to find this software. Click on the “phpMyAdmin” to do the next steps.

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        There you need to choose the “Export” tab and choose the necessary database to export the tables. Pick the export method and format and click on the “Go” button.

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          So your backup was created.

          cPanel backup restore

          You can easily restore your database with the help of cPanel and manually created backup. Open your shared hosting and log into the cPanel account. Click on the “backup” in the files section.

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            You will see the backups page. Find there “Restore a MySQL database backup”. Tap on the “Choose file” and put a backup file from your computer. When you do these steps click “Upload”.

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              Something you should know after restoring

              • Improve the website security. It means, change the password from your WordPress account. Caring about security is necessary not only after restoring the database but also at any time. You should protect your site from being hacked and prevent backup restore version from being accessible to third-parties.
              • Create backups periodically. It’s beneficial to do it after every data update to save your content from disappearing.
              • Take care of your website to reduce situations when you lose everything.

              We hope that this article was helpful to you. On our “Blog” page you can find more useful tutorials about WordPress.

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