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The ZeGuten Gutenberg Blocks Plugin Helps You Make Your Site Better


One of the main goals of the holding is to make money. Many business owners create a website to promote their services, as do bloggers. That is why you can often notice bright pages with hot offers, sales and others on the pages of your sites. ZeGuten is one of the best Gutenberg blocks plugin. Makes content creation very easy for everyone, from beginners to experienced developers. Use animated effects, structure your content, apply custom backgrounds, and showcase your posts as professionals with simple WordPress blocks.

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Blocks are a great new tool for building engaging content. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge.

You can create great projects based on additional blocks created for the editor WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin. Several blocks will allow you to work on creating unique layouts using sensitive columns, display publications. And also add infographics and comparisons using only clean blocks. Each block is easily customizable and can be a good asset, even if you do not know how to approach the creation of the site.

Reasons Why You Will Like ZeGuten Plugin

The ZeGuten plugin for Gutenberg gives users the ability to build a fully flexible and SEO-optimized page template without writing a line of code. All blocks of the ZeGuten plugin have a dozen options and are easy to configure. Options are located in the right sidebar of the Gutenberg editor.

The key feature of this plugin is its responsiveness and multifunctionality, which allows you to create a block and configure it in a few minutes. The ZeGuten WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin also gives you the ability to switch between several different layouts in order to make a completely new design for the page.

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With ZeGuten for you, the process of creating a site is much simpler, faster and blocks are easy to implement, manage and configure.

A Huge Variety of Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

You don’t need programming experience so that you can create page layouts with animations and custom backgrounds. This is because everything is very easy to set up. You can do this in minutes thanks to the ZeGuten blocks. You can also design your content as you need it to fit your needs and the design of your web page.

With ZeGuten blocks, you can organize posts in a listing, grid, or chess layout. Also, use quick post-request settings and arrange posts in the carousel. Customize post layout styles and use order and offset options.

Let’s get acquainted with some ZeGuten blocks:

Content organization blocks

Section – this external section allows you to add other blocks to it. Thus, you can easily manage the layout of this section. Also customize it using parameters such as borders, background, intervals, and additional parameters.

Posts in Gutenberg blocks plugin

Posts – it contains many predefined settings for posts: image, typography, intervals, and content settings. Moreover, the block gives you the opportunity to change the blog interface without leaving the editor area of Gutenberg. You don’t need any coding skills.

Blocks for infographics 

Countdown timer – this unit will be a great helper if you want to demonstrate how much time is left before your sporting event, sale, online webinar, concert, seminar, etc. This countdown for WordPress comes with tons of features and options. You can change the font, size, set the separator, select the type of date, select the field and indent values ​​to align the content, and much more.

Circle progress – this block will help you not to spend a lot of time creating pages. The circle progress block is great for demonstrating infographics. You can use this block to display infographics to promote your business website and make boring numbers more dynamic. He will also work on a donation platform to demonstrate the amount of money collected and goods saved. Such a block is an attractive and dynamic element on the pages of any website.

Progress bar – this ZeGuten block is just perfect for showing boring numbers or statistics. The Progress bar WordPress block will perfectly help you in the design of the interface of your website in the most modern and attractive way. Moreover, the attractive design and wide functionality of the unit will come in handy.

Icon list – the ZeGuten team developed such a block. The unit comes with a bunch of different functions and options that allow you to customize it in accordance with your tastes and site design. Thanks to a large number of elements in the built-in collection of WordPress icon lists, you can find icons for any project. You can set the shadow of the block to increase the 3D effect. Customize each element of yours individually and enhance each element you want with more WordPress icon list features.

Visual blocks in Gutenberg blocks plugin

Banners – with this block, you can place an image or icon in the form of a list. You can select a more interesting icon or image, and use it as a marker for each item in the list.

Heading – creating headings is not a difficult process. You just need to learn how to use the block editor to your advantage. This is a good thing, as the functionality of the editor will free you up to create some amazing posts and pages on your WordPress website.

Blurbs – to configure this block, the plugin provides you with many tools and functions. The block will help you in creating a completely professional promotional material. With this block, you can present any product or business to your target audience. The possibilities of its application are really endless. You can submit your book or article, or promote your portfolio or agency.

Carousel – you can use it to demonstrate various images, posts, reviews, etc. In addition, a wide range of settings and options in the unit allows you to customize it to suit your needs. Open the world of modern page building without too much effort. Using several settings, you can make any changes directly from the Gutenberg editor. You can also select the number of elements, add various effects, add autorun, etc.

Animated box – the animated block includes the front and back sides, so you can place more information there. You can configure either side separately from each other using a bunch of options. Feel free to post headers, descriptions, icons or buttons. Change the background style and decide whether it will be a color or image, and much more.

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