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Multinational Live Chat Plugin Integrated to WordPress Themes by Zemez


Today it’s extremely important to keep a connection with your clients. Especially if it’s about your functional website and you try to find the tool that will allow you to communicate with the visitors. There is a great variety of ways to do this, however, what is the fastest and efficient? This is the reason we wrote this overview. Meet the popular and south-after plugin for WordPress themes called Live Chat!

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What do you need to be aware of? Firstly, Zemez WordPress themes now come with the integrated Live Chat plugin, which means you won’t install any additional tool manually, as everything is already in the package. Secondly, this plugin lets the visitors get immediate answers to the questions with the help of a pretty chat box at the bottom of the page. As you can see from the name of this plugin, all the conversations are live, so no more needs to search the additional source of conversation.

In the next paragraphs, we will look more detailed what is the live Chat and how does it work. Stay tuned!

What Does the Live Chat Plugin Offer?

When you get the WordPress theme on the base of which you are going to build the website and there is installed Live Chat plugin inside, you have access to the multiple possibilities. Let’s learn more about the functions you receive with this tool for conversations.

In the list below you can check out the key points about the Live Chat plugin.

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Chat Tools

While using the Live Chat plugin there will be a lot of additional tools, that are oriented on easing your process of communication with the clients. In addition to the plugin, you will get the message sneak-peek, chat tags, file sharing, notifications, chat ratings, canned responses, etc. Each of these options modifies the way of chatting and improve its quality.

Ticketing System

The must-have thing in chatting if you take a break or receive a difficult question. Create a ticket to the client so he can fill the form with the quandary and get the answer when you will find the solution. Really convenient tool.

Customization of Live Chat plugin

Here is the opportunity to make the chat widget absolutely with the unique design. Pick the necessary color, style, shape, themes, pictures, and lots more. It allows your chat widget to be aligned with the general style of the website.

Mobile Applications

Are you sick and tired of sitting at the desktop and answer the questions? Or you need to work without a desktop? In this case, there are mobile apps for Android, IOS, and IPad. Using it’s easy to be available to the clients in any place you are. Keep in touch and feel convenient while working.

Multi-Channel Support of Live Chat plugin

In the LiveChat, you will get the messages from the clients from multiple channels of communications. It can be a Facebook Messenger, email, tickets, WhatsApp, Apple business chat, website, and other sources. Each of the messages will be sent to the LiveChat application. So it’s easy to manage and control the clients’ questions.

Customer List

Possibility to see the customer’s browsing the website in real-time is possible now. Control the actions and page the clients enter and offer a helping hand at the right moment.

Reports and Analytics

To manage the activity of the LiveChat there are a great number of helpful options in the Live Chat. Check the data summary, chat reports, data export, agent reports, ticket reports, customer reports, eCommerce reports, filters, dashboards. All of these availabilities will show you the changes and afford the reports about the workflow.

Live Chat plugin 170+ Integrations

Get the possibility to connect LiveChat with apps you use the most. Communicate to the clients and easily send their details to your CRM, control orders, and accept payments.

By the way, in Zemez WordPress themes we use HubSpot plugin that is widely thought to be the most convenient and also absolutely free CRM system.

Which tools are available for integration? WooCommerce, MailChimp, WordPress, Messanger, Google ads, and so on.

3 Benefits of Using the Live Chat Plugin

Each plugin for your website should be beneficial and effective, as you need to see the profit and development of the customers flow on your website. We decided that you need to keep up the benefits you will get after applying this plugin.

Benefit 1. Increase Sales

This benefit is obvious, as the quality and speed of your services will grow fast and this will positively influence your sales. Your clients will get support immediately and all the questions will solve more quickly that give you more purchases.

Benefit 2. Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

Live Chat is a clear and user-friendly plugin. It won’t annoy the visitors of the website, that is why you have a possibility to build strong and trusting relationships. In addition, the Live Chat is personal and the users will feel like they are in contact with a pro and the conversation is private.

Benefit 3. Boost Your Credibility with Live Chat plugin

With the Live Chat, the visitors will be sure that they talk to a real person. It boosts the reliability and adds some calm. This way each user can be confident he will get professional support from a specialist.

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