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10 Best WP Plugins for Writers

10 Best WP Plugins for Writers

Top 10 WP Plugins for Writers

WP plugins for writers simplify the creative process a lot. The times when the only tools a writer needed were a keyboard and word processor are long gone. Today we’re facing intense content competition, which is hard to survive without robust tech solutions. You could tremendously extend your writing toolset by leveraging WP plugins. There is a suitable tool for every step of the writing process.

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These plugins save you a lot of time and resources by helping you organize and complete writing tasks. This includes planning, management, and editing help, as well as increased content readability and visibility in search engines. As you may have guessed, in this article we will talk about a collection of ten WP plugins that will make your writing sessions more efficient. One of them is ZeGuten, a plugin that can drastically improve your writing experience in WordPress.This tool and other solutions will also help a lot with increasing the quality of your website content.

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MonsterInsights: More Information About Your Audience

MonsterInsights is a plugin for WordPress that provides precise & real-time Google analytics. It is one of the best WP plugins for writers. The plugin provides information on user behavior, SEO ranking, eCommerce, etc. Finding out more about your audience is crucial to connect with them. It also helps in engaging new readers and building the subscriber base. Here are more advantages of MonsterInsights:

  1. Customizable Google Analytics reports;
  2. Page-level analytics;
  3. Powerful tracking;
  4. GDPR compliance;
  5. Easy installation.

MonsterInsights is a go-to tool if you want to know who your readers are. This plugin also helps in finding out where your readers are from. It is useful in choosing proper keywords and content for your site. You can use these insights to create a future development strategy for your blog. Thus, you’ll be able to write content your audience is interested in.

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Strive Content Calendar for Planning Your Work

Strive Content Calendar is a solid content management solution. It integrates a calendar into your WordPress dashboard. There you can plan and schedule posts. The drag and drop system, custom checklists, and color-coding make it easy to manage your content. All in all, it is one of the best WP plugins for experienced and aspiring writers.

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EmbedPress: WP Plugins for Writers and Content Integration

EmbedPress is a useful plugin that integrates multimedia content into your website. The tool supports a variety of sources. For example, you can use YouTube videos, Google Docs, Vimeo, Spotify. Other examples include PDF, PPT, XLS, GIPHY, etc. Social media posts can also be used with this solution. They can be integrated to offer you more diverse content.

EmbedPress is a must-have for your website if you’re aiming for engaging content. With its help, various integrations take only a few clicks. Otherwise, you would need to have coding skills to edit the pages and add multimedia manually. This makes it one of the most worthy WP plugins for writers.

Front-End Editor: Make Editing Simple

Even the best writers may overlook a few typos. This is extremely frustrating, especially when you create content for a large audience. Front-End Editor makes it easier to locate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Moreover, it allows proofreading your text from the front end. That means you don’t have to correct misspelled words.

Looking through your writing in the same way as the reader is useful. It helps with seeing your writing with fresh eyes. Hence, you can be more attentive when editing. You’ll also save yourself the trouble of returning to the backend whenever you have to make changes in your writing.

Check Your Writing with WProofreader

Another useful tool for proofreading is WProofreader. As one of the WP plugins for writers, it checks your writing for errors. To do so, you need to open it in editing mode. Aside from spelling and grammar, it also offers punctuation and style suggestions.

WProofreader is available in different languages and even works for multilingual texts. The latter is possible due to its language detection feature. You can also create a custom dictionary for individual and team use. With some proofreading assistance, you will be able to save a lot of time and polish your content to perfection.

Yoast SEO: Boosting Your Search Rankings

Even if you write quality content, it might not reach the intended audience without SEO. Yoast helps to improve the rankings of your blog in search engines. It makes SEO easy even for people with no prior experience in the area.

Yoast SEO is one of the WP plugins that take care of SEO-friendly content. It also helps you improve branding, readability, the structure of internal linking and data, etc. These features make Yoast a must-have for writers who want to share their work online and build a massive audience.

Effective Image Compression with Smush

You can’t overestimate the importance of visuals in making your content more eye-catching for the reader. However, heavy image files could significantly increase the loading time of pages, affecting user experience. With Smush, it’s possible to optimize images without a visible quality loss.

By resizing and compressing visuals, you’ll be able to preserve both the speed and appealing look of your website. Smush is free and doesn’t have monthly limits. As one of the WP plugins for writers, it offers a variety of useful features. They include:

  • Image optimization (up to 50 files);
  • Lossless compression
  • Automatic image resizing;
  • Gutenberg block integration;
  • Detection of images that slow down your website.

WP Plugins for Writers: Broken Link Checker

You know how annoying broken links could be. They are frustrating both for users and you as a website author. Besides, finding and fixing them is trouble of its own. It usually takes a lot of time that you can otherwise direct into more enjoyable and creative activities.

The Broken Link Checker can do the task for you automatically. This tool tests both internal and external links in posts, comments, and other fields. Once the tool locates a broken link, you get a notification and can edit it directly from the plugin page without the need to revise a post manually.

Editorial Calendar: Schedule Your Publications

Editorial Calendar is a WP planning tool. It allows you to establish a publishing schedule for your blog. It helps with keeping your content consistent and systematic. As one of the WP plugins for writers, it works for managing the entire website. You can plan the content and publication dates, as well as edit posts directly in the calendar. Its additional features include:

  1. Monitoring your posts’ publication dates;
  2. Posts publishing & drafts management;
  3. Quick edit of posts’ times, titles, and contents;
  4. Managing posts from multiple authors.

In Editorial Calendar, you can drag and drop posts for easy arrangement and assign status, like draft, pending, published, to every piece for easier management. The tool performs equally well in individual work and group blogs.

Copyright Proof to Help You Make Original Content

Copyright and intellectual property ownership are critical issues in the digital age. When you create original content for your blog, make sure you protect it with the help of Copyright Proof. This is one of those plugins that help with the legal side of content creation & publishing.

The plugin will assign a time-stamped certificate to your content that proves your authorship. Although you become the copyright owner the moment your original content gets published, dealing with cases of plagiarism is much easier when you have the evidence of ownership from Copyright Proof.

10 Best WP Plugins for Writers: Conclusion

Writing becomes much more enjoyable when you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of running a blog. WP plugins for writers can support your work by assisting you with various tasks like proofreading, SEO, copyright, visuals, and planning. Meanwhile, you can focus on the best part—your creative process.

Hopefully, this review of the most popular WordPress plugins for bloggers and writers was of high use to you. In case you need more information about our solutions including themes and templates we develop, don’t hesitate to visit our website. It contains lots of information about various solutions for popular CMS like Shopify and WordPress. We also invite you to follow our social pages on Facebook and Instagram. There you can find more fresh posts about web design and development tips & tricks as well as news about our themes. With Zemez, you can always stay in the know of the latest updates and achievements in the world of web design.

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