How to add CAPTCHA using Contact Form 7 plugin

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to add CAPTCHA using Contact Form 7 plugin.
  1. First, before adding a CAPTCHA, you have to create a Google account and register your website to get API keys.
    To do it, log in to your Google account and navigate to reCapture admin panel.
    Now you need to input your domain name and label. Then click on Register button.
  2. After all the steps are complete, you’ll have a website key and a secret key.
  3. The next step is to log in to WordPress Dashboard. You need to navigate to Contact tab in the left column of the Dashboard. Enter Integration sub menu.
  4. Here click Configure Keys button.
  5. In the reCAPTCHA field define your site key and the secret key you’ve got now.
  6. Now you need to navigate to the contact form, and add the following shortcode to the contact form field:

    add CAPTCHA using Contact Form 7 plugin

  7. Save the changes. Now you can view the result on your website’s frontend page.
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