Displaying Comments. Customizer

Sometimes you may need to enable or disable comments display for your website’s posts.

From this tutorial, you’ll learn about displaying comments and hiding them, depending on what you need.

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Enabling Comments
  1. First, login to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Proceed to Appearance tab in the left column. Click on Customize submenu to open WordPress Live Customizer.
  3. Find Blog Settings tab in the left column of Customizer. Navigate to Blog menu.
    If there’s no such tab, then open the posts page in the Live Customizer preview block on the right. The tab will appear in the left column instantly.

  4. Here find Show Comments option. You need to enable it if you want the comments to be shown, or disable it to hide the comments.
  5. Now click on Save & Publish button to save the changes.
This tutorial is based on Car Dealer Responsive WordPress theme.
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