Creating Menu Items with Restaurant Menu Plugin

If you’re running a restaurant website, it is essential to have a menu and menu items. Restaurant Menu plugin provides help in creating menus and menu items.

From this tutorial you’ll learn about creating menu items using Restaurant Menu plugin.

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Creating Menu Items
  1. Let’s navigate to Restaurant Menu tab in the left column of WordPress Dashboard. Choose Add New to add a new menu item.
  2. On the opened page enter the title for a new item.
  3. In the content field, you can add a description for a dish.
  4. In the Price field define the price for new meal.
  5. Nutrition Facts section contains fields to specify the values for calories, cholesterol, fiber, etc.
  6. In the Portion Size field define the weight for one portion.
  7. On the right side of the page you can add menu categories, where a menu item belongs.
  8. Define the menu ingredients for visitors to view.
  9. You can also add a featured image for the item.
  10. When everything is ready click on Publish to create a new menu item.
  11. Now you can view a new menu item in the menu categories!
This tutorial is based on Restaurant WordPress theme.
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