How to Use TM Timeline Plugin and Create Timelines

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to use TM Timeline plugin to create timelines.

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Using Tm Timeline Plugin
  1. Let’s make sure that you’ve installed and activated TM Timeline plugin. If you haven’t, please, download it from TM Timeline plugin page on WordPress official website.
  2. Now we need to add entries to display them in a timeline order. Proceed to TM Timeline tab (it is located in the left column of the Dashboard).
  3. Click on Add New to create a few posts for the timeline page.You may also add tags to the posts to organize them. 
  4. Now that we’ve created the entries, we need to set a Timeline page to display the timeline of the published posts. Please, navigate to Pages > Add New. A page editor will open.
  5. You need to set the title of the page, and then click on Use Power Builder to switch to Power Builder page editor.
  6. Create a column in the section and click on Insert Module to add timeline module to it.
  7. Now let’s take a look at the Timeline module settings.
    • Timeline Layout — in this block you need to define the layout of the entries. You can use by default horizontal, vertical or vertical staggered order.
    • Horizontal Layout Visible Items Limit — here you can specify the number of items to display.
    • Date Format — in this block you need to define how the entry publication date is to be displayed: year/month/day, day/month/year, month only, year only, etc.
    • Tag — set the taxonomy in the plugin settings to enable displaying posts by tags.
    • Sort Order — here you need to choose ascending or descending order for the posts in the timeline.
    • Display Anchors — enable the option to make the post title clickable. When the visitor clicks on the title, a single posts page will open.
  8. To add a title for the timeline you can add another row on the page using Power Builder, and add a Text module to the column.
  9. When everything is ready, click Publish to create Timeline page.
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