Learn How to Find Out WordPress Database Name

Welcome WordPress users! From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to find out WordPress database name to access it using the phpMyAdmin tool.

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What Is WordPress Database?

A WordPress database is a software that interacts with a user, processes data, and also retrieves and stores data. The WordPress database stores all the necessary site info, like usernames and passwords, as well, posts, pages and comments, and even the website theme and configuration options. This is can be compared with the process of saving images or videos to your computer’s hard drive.
There are several ways to use and access the database. WordPress uses MySQL for its database management system. MySQL is open-source software, and it is responsible for managing WordPress database name and other components.
WordPress uses PHP with the SQL query in the PHP markup, as the language of instructions for CRUD. The database is an integral part of WordPress. This is the foundation that includes all necessary information. The database also ensures the smooth performance of your pages and is responsible for regular back-ups. So, how to manage the WordPress database? Manage your WordPress database with the help of the MySQL server using phpMyAdmin. This is an open-source web application with an easy-to-use user interface. Hostinger includes phpMyAdmin in the control panel. You can access it in the Database section.

Steps to Determine WordPress Database Name

  • First of all, log in to your hosting cPanel. Open File Manager tool.how to access wordpress database
  • Open your root folder (it is the folder with all the WordPress files). Usually, it is public_html or WWW folder. In the case you’re using a domain name, navigate to public_html/domain-name directory.check wordpress database
  • Click on wp-config.php file and open it for editing. You can see Edit option in the top panel.WordPress Database Name
  • Hit Ctrl+F hotkeys and locate the line beginning with the following content: define(‘DB_NAME’.
  • Here you can learn the name of your WordPress database.


Many activities on WordPress sites are implemented by plugins, and it’s not required to know the name of the database. However, sometimes you have to get directly into the database to view and edit the table. To work with your WordPress database, you need to know its name.
Now, you can easily find out the WordPress database name of your site and perform any operations with it. This very important and enables you to set the performance of your website as perfectly as it’s possible. Plus, you always can manage its data correctly and make back-ups.

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