How to Add Simple Google/Bing Search Box to Your Site

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to add simple search box to your site. It can be Google Search box  or Bing Search box.

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Adding Google Search Box

When you don’t want a Search box to occupy too much space on your website, then you can add a small Google Search box on your page.

  • To do it, please, log in to your WordPress Dashboard. Locate Appearance tab on the left, and open Customizer search box
  • In Customizer block locate Widgets tab and click on it. Here you need to choose the widget area where you want to place a search box and click on Add Widget search boxgoogle search box
  • Select Text widget and paste the following lines of code to its content search box
Notice, that you have to change in the code to your actual website address.
  • Click on Save and Publish button to save the changes.add simple search box
  • Now you have a Google Search box on your website. It allows the visitors to search through your website’s search box
  • If you need to enable global search (search through the web) you can add to the existing Search box two radio buttons. One will enable visitors to search the web, and the other will enable visitors to search through the website’s content.
    To add this kind of Search box you’ll need to paste the following lines of code to the Text widget content area.
Don’t forget to change to your current domain name to make the Search box work properly.

google search box

Adding Bing Search Box
  • If you need to use Bing search engine in the search box, add the following lines of code to the Text widget. As a result, a Bing Search box will appear on your website’s page.

google search box

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