Unzip a template (Windows OS)

  1. Download free trial version of the WinZip software at www.winzip.com.
  2. To extract the files from the template package, right click on the downloaded package and select WinZip -> Extract to… 
  3. Double click on the package to open it in WinZip if the WinZip is set as a default software to open .zip archives. Otherwise, click on it and choose Open With -> WinZip
  4. In the opened window, click the Extract button and define the directory where the files would be extracted: 
  5. Open the directory with the extracted template files. There will be one more archive – the sources XXXXX.zip. Extract it the same way.
  6. The password could be found at the order details page: 
  7. Copy the password from the order details page and paste it into the unzipping software password request window: