PrestaShop "JX Advanced Filter" module

JX Advanced Filter” module allows implementing a quick search of the needed product based on key features.
It allows creating filters with the unlimited number of search criteria, which are available in the store by default or are created when adding the products.
Filter criteria can be the following: levels of categories (by nesting), manufacturers, suppliers, attributes, features, and more.
Also, the module has the following features:

  • creating connected filters, in which the needed criteria become available only after selecting the parent parameter (nesting level is unlimited);
  • selecting the filter criteria grid for the top page filter.

You can select the filter type from available, specify the parent filter, add its name, label, and description. For the better speed, the module uses the products indexation algorithm by the set criteria.
The main features:

  1. Easy and quick installation and customization.
  2. Compliance with PrestaShop standards.
  3. Multi-store support.
  4. Possibility to create the filters with the unlimited number of the search criteria.
  5. Multilinguality.

The two types of the filter are available: Top filter and Column filter.