PrestaShop 1.7.x. How to edit footer copyright notification using JX Mega Layout module

To change the footer copyright notification “E-commerce software by PrestaShop TM” that you will get after PrestaShop theme installation, check if you are using JX Mega Layout module.

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  1. In your PrestaShop admin panel go to Modules -> Modules and Services section. Find there JX Mega Layout module and check if it is enabled. 
    Note: if you don’t use JX Mega Layout module, use this tutorial to change footer copyright notification: PrestaShop 1.7.x. How to change footer copyright notification.
  2. In your PrestaShop admin panel go to International -> Translations section to edit the notification. 
  3. In the Modify Translations section, choose ‘Installed modules translations‘ option for Type of translation.  Select the module ‘JX Mega Layout‘ module and choose the language which you will translate to. 
  4. Click the Modify button at the right bottom corner.
  5. Use Ctrl+ F hotkey (F hotkey for Mac) to find the [1] %3$s %2$s – Ecommerce software by %1$s [/1] expression. [notice type=”warning”]Note: if you want to save the copyright sign or/and year, add the %copyright% and/or %year% to the translation.
  6. Change the translation according to your needs and save the changes.

Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for you.

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