OpenCart 3. How to configure products filter

This tutorial shows how to configure products filter in the OpenCart 3 engine.

Products filters allow website visitors to search products based on appropriate options. For example, visitors can search products by color, size, type by selecting the appropriate option in the products filter. In most cases, such filter is being placed on the category page in order to simplify navigation through products available on the website.

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We are going to add a products filter to the category page.

  1. We should add filters to the Opencart.
    1.1. Open the OpenCart admin section and go to the Catalog -> Filters section.
    1.2. Click on Add New button (+) in the top right corner. You should specify Filter Group Name in the Filter Group section. For example, we are going to set Color as a Filter Group Name.
    1.3. The Filter Values section allows setting specific options. Let’s set the following values: Red, Green, Blue. You can set the order of options in the Sort Order section.
  2. Now we should enable the Filter module in the modules section.
    2.1. Please, go to Extensions -> Extensions section in the Opencart admin section. Select Modules in the Choose the extension type drop-down.2.2. Look for the module called Filter. Install the module and set its status to Enabled. Save changes.
  3. Let’s assign the module to the Category layout.
    3.1. Please, go Design -> Layouts section in the Opencart admin section. Edit a layout called Category. In most cases, the module should be assigned to the Column Left or Column Right positions. We are going to assign the module to the Column Left position. You should navigate to the Column Left position and add the module Filter to this position. Save changes you have performed on the Category layout.
  4. We should assign the filter to products.
    4.1. Go to the Catalog -> Products section. Click on the  Edit button for the product you would like to assign the filter to. Go to the Links tab and select the desired filter in the Filters section. Filter box has the autocomplete feature. Save changes.
  5. Now we should assign the filter to the categories that have products with filters.
    5.1. Go to the Catalog – Categories section, edit an appropriate category.
    5.2. Access the tab called Data and select filters. Save changes.
  6. Open the website and access the category with filters. The appropriate filter will show up on the category page.

In this tutorial, we have found out how to configure products filter in the Opencart 3 engine. Now you can go ahead and make filters specifically for your products in order to improve the shopping experience for your customers.


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