How to find out the names of the modules used on a page

This tutorial shows how to find out the names of Joomla modules used on a page. This lets you save lots of time and efforts while editing the website and personalize it in no time. Let’s learn how to do this.

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  1. First, visit your Joomla website admin panel. Navigate to the System -> Global Configuration section and locate the Mouse-over Edit Icons for setting. Choose the Modules & Menus in a dropdown list and save the changes.
  2. Next, check the website frontend itself and log in using the Login module on the frontend. This will let you see the editing icon on hovering each module. Hover this icon to see the hint – it shows the title of the module and the position it’s assigned to.

     Note, if you don’t have user login module or page on website frontend, you can still access login page by adding the following piece of URL to the website address: index.php?option=com_users&view=login
  3. So, you can look for the module in the Extensions -> Modules section of the admin panel by its title now. You can also use this module’s name to make it load in the parallax section or in the single article – anywhere you want, actually.

Wish you good luck working on a website!

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