How to change Google map location

The following tutorial will guide you on how to change the Google map location in Joomla theme.

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Let’s start!
  • First of all, you should navigate to the Extensions-Plugin Manager in your site admin panel.
  • There you will be able to locate the “Google Maps” plugin.
  • You can open it for editing and select the “Location Settings” tab in the plugin settings. It allows you to manage location, displayed on the map.
    google map location
  • You can use Google Maps to get the GPS-coordinates. It is really easy, let’s find out these Latitude and Longitude parameters.
    Firstly, go to Google Maps and type the address or location you are interested in. Once it has loaded, you can just look in the address bar and you’ll see the coordinates are specified within the URL itself. Alternatively, you can use the following website to get the needed data:
  • Put them into the appropriate fields of your Google Maps plugin’s options. Save the changes and refresh your website.
    google map location

We have successfully changed your map location. Now you know how to manage “Google Maps” plugin in your Joomla theme.

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