How to work with “RD Flickr Gallery” plugin

RD Flickr Gallery jQuery plugin is designed to retrieve data from the Flickr service.

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To use the “RD Flickr Gallery”, please, insert the code provided below to a desired place in your HTML code structure:

Data can be retrieved only in a block with the data-type="flickr-item" attribute.

Note, you can get your own Flick User ID value for "data-flickr-id" attribute at:

Just add your Flickr user or group name to the end of the link and press Find button.

List of attributes that can be used for a single flickr item:

  • data-description
  • photo description
  • data-title
  • photo title
  • data-tags
  • tags
  • data-author
  • author (with e-mail)
  • data-author_name
  • author (without e-mail)
  • data-link
  • photo link
  • data-dating
  • date published
  • data-datetime
  • date published in special format “YY-MM-DD”

Please, note, that the photo description may not be available on Flickr.

In order to get a link to the service image specify the data-image_(image_suffix)="src" attribute.

List of suffixes:

  • s — 75x75px
  • s — 150x150px
  • t — 100px on longest side
  • m — 240px on longest side
  • n — 320px on longest side
  • — 500px on longest side
  • z — 640px on longest side
  • c — 800px on longest side
  • b — 1024px on longest side
  • h — 1600px on longest side
  • k — 2048px on longest side
  • o — original size

After that you need to include the script on a target page with the help of the following code:

To initialize the script, please, use:

We hope our instructions don’t cause any hesitations or questions, but if you have any we will be more than happy to answer.

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