How to work with “RD Facebook Feed” plugin

This tutorial is going to show you how to manage RD Facebook Feed plugin in your Multipurpose Website Template.
This plugin has ultimate styling options and provides the Facebook graph API integration so that you can showcase your Facebook feed directly on the website.

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  1. First, connect to your FTP or open the File Manager at your hosting cPanel.
  2. Locate the file that contains the Facebook feed. In our case it’s the rd-facebook-feed.html file, let’s open it for editing.
  3. Next, scroll down to find a line with the data-fb-id attribute. It will appear similar to the following:
  4. Set here your own values for the data-fb-id (your Facebook user ID) and data-fb-access (Access Token) attributes. In order to get this data, you need to create an app on the Facebook developers page. This is enough to make the feed show your own posts, but keep the default template’s design for it. In case you’d like to change the design, see the next steps.
  5. If you’re fine with the current date format, the data-fb-date-format attribute can remain unchanged. However, you may modify it up to your needs by swapping places for a day (%d), month (%B) and a year (%Y) in order to get the desired date format.
  6. You may also specify the type of the feed using the data-fb-page-type attribute. So, if you’re sharing news from a public Facebook page, set it to 'page'. Otherwise, if you’re an administrator of some group, use the 'group' value. For example:
  7. When you have the feed activated, you may scroll a bit down to add or change a markup of the feed items. The code of the single item looks as follows
  8. The only requirement here is to keep the data-fb-post attribute, the rest of the HTML structure can be changed up to your needs. There are additional attributes, such as data-from-name (inserts the username of the entry author), data-created_time (inserts the date of the entry creation), data-message (inserts the entry content), data-picture (shows an image), data-link (defines if the link has to be applied, the link itself is set at the href=”link_here” part), data-description (inserts the description of the shared post), data-comments-count (shows number of comments), data-likes-count (shows number of likes).
  9. Please, refer to the official documentation of the RD Facebook Feed plugin to learn more on its advanced setup. You will find a lot of tips here!
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