How to change the language in Facebook like box

We are glad to see you again! You know that most of the templates include Facebook like box feature. Let’s check how to change the language in this section. I bet that it will be useful for you.
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  1. First, please, connect to your server via File manager or using FTP client.
  2. Then, navigate to the website directory, select “js” folder and open the script.js file for editing with any of the text editors.
  3. In order to find the needed part of the code, use Ctrl+F combination and locate the code for Facebook like box as on the following example: js.src=//
    I would really recommend that you investigate this source for more information about Facebook localization: internationalization#locales
  4. Let’s follow the instructions above. In the code, you have searched for before (js.src=//, adjust the en_US language code to the needed one. We will try French as an example, so the code will be the following: js.src=//
  5. After you have decided, which language you would like to use, save the changes you’ve made. Now, you can refresh a page with Ctrl+F5 command and be certain about the changes you applied.

Facebook like box language has been successfully changed.

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