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Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins Compared


Are you looking for the best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins for your site? Gutenberg blocks are editor blocks with which you can create content layouts in the new WordPress block editor, also called Gutenberg. Gutenberg Editor is a full-blown block editor in which each piece of content is a draggable block.

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WordPress offers a set of basic content blocks, such as an image, paragraph, list, button, and more. Some of the best WordPress plugins will add their own blocks so you can easily embed their features. Currently, there is a whole set of plugins designed to provide custom content blocks for Gutenberg.

We will talk about some of the best Gutenberg block plugins for WordPress sites. We will start with some default blocks, and then switch to block plugins.


 WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

ZeGuten is a plugin for Gutenberg’s native WordPress block editor. The plugin will help you make creating content a pleasure. Because it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced developers. With simple WordPress blocks, you can use animated effects, demonstrate publications as professionals, and structure content.

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With ZeGuten, you can create outstanding projects based on additional blocks created for the WordPress block editor. There is a number of blocks with which you can display publications, create layouts using columns, add infographics. You don’t need to have programming experience, because it is very easy to use.

Let’s take a look at the pros ZeGuten:

  • Posts – includes advanced layouts such as printout, chess, grid, and others. It also includes a number of comments, typography, space in columns, and more.
  • Section background images, including background videos, gradient, and image.
  • Google Maps – support for location markers and map styles.
  • Blurb Block – an inspirational promotion of your offers.
  • Image Comparison block – using it you can create content based on the comparison.

Getwid WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

 WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

Getwid Gutenberg WordPress has blocks that can be suitable for various websites. It can be both business sites and beginner blogs. Compared to other block libraries, Getwid is one of those that offers the largest selection of content elements. This will allow you to create unique landing pages, demonstrate service pages, create effective portfolios.

Perhaps one of the best things about this plugin is that it can play with the styles of any WordPress theme. This can help you do less work and maintain better visual consistency.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of one of the best Gutenberg block plugin:

  • One of the main ones is a library of ready-made templates. Easy to use because it can be pasted with one click.
  • Section – you can create complex layouts with different blocks.
  • Lightweight blocks for high performance.
  • Social links block – you can add any icons of social networks, change their size and distance.
  • Advanced Spacer Block – add space between your blocks – optionally hide it on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.


Blockspare is a custom WordPress blocks plugin that comes with both a free version as well as a premium edition with more options. To control the layouts of your page section, the plugin gives you advanced Content Box blocks with more control over elements like title, subtitle, content, button, etc. There’s also a Container block that lets you group different blocks together with facilitating shape dividers option.

The plugin has trending layouts having more than 100+ Pre-designed blocks designs. Additionally, Some of them have re-arrangeable inner blocks options like on Services and Price Table components. The plugin lets you customize your blocks with ease. You can change fonts, set margin and padding, pick colors, and more.

Let’s consider some Blockspare features:

  • Tabs – tabs can become a perfect solution to extend page with more engaging options.
  • Price Table – pricing tables are simply great for showcasing your services packages.
  • Icon list – it’s aimed to promote your services and give an old design a new life.
  • Progress Bar – add a progress bar to showcase your workflow to the user.

CoBlocks WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

 WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

CoBlocks is the most innovative WordPress block collection for creating pages for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor. CoBlocks gives you the experience of building pages with extra blocks and building rows and columns. The plugin is powerful but easy to use. It can add functionality to the editor without bloating.

One of the best Gutenberg block plugins can also offer you many unique blocks. You will receive additional blocks that you definitely need, as well as the functionality of the layout and design. Each unit has been finely tuned to offer you a powerful tuning experience. You can customize each unit as you like using our custom settings.

Let’s consider some CoBlocks blocks:

  • Row and Columns blocks – you can generate a content area with specific settings for the sensitive field and indents that only CoBlocks provides.
  • Shape Divider – allows you to separate your content with unique dividers.
  • Carousel Gallery Block – enables you to create carousel galleries and showcase your images.
  • Author Profile Block – Lets you add author profile on your WordPress site.
  • Alerts block – you can create interesting notifications and insert them into your posts and WordPress pages.

Kadence WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

 WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins

Kadence Blocks was one of the first libraries for Gutenberg, accordingly, it grew to the best Gutenberg block plugins. But that’s not all. With Kadence, you can create interesting content and your own layouts. Because the plugin adds options for expanding capabilities and custom blocks. Unlike many other plugins for Gutenberg blocks, Kadence blocks allow you to start with a pre-created layout structure of your choice.

A unique feature is that the plugin comes with a library of ready-made layouts, so in case you need to quickly create a professional page using Gutenberg, this is possible. It takes care of all the hard work of creating and managing layouts.

Here are some useful Gutenberg blocks offered by this plugin:

  • Row Layout – can have several columns, and other blocks can be nested inside. You can create custom backgrounds and indentation.
  • You can make each image a custom link to another page or website.
  • In each gallery, you can determine the coefficient of thumbnails, add an image filter, set the radius of the border, and add block shadows.
  • Advanced Header block – can provide full control over your headers, including fonts, weight, style, size, etc.
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