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Importance of Using IP Geolocation Data on your Business Website


In the following post, we are going to show up the reasons why it is necessary to use IP geolocation data on your business website.

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IP Geolocation Database

IP Geolocation tools are incredibly useful for brands and companies that want to provide their customers with a highly personalized experience on websites and apps. By getting real-time geolocation data and information, a business can customize its website content for people visiting from different territories. This helps them, present users, with products and offers particularly designed for people living in different locations. They are also better able to deliver relevant content by redirecting users to pages with content written in their native languages.

In this digital world where people visit websites like Z library to find a favorite book and Amazon to buy whatever they want, using IP Geolocation data of users on websites helps businesses improve user experience exceptionally. This as a result increases user engagement and conversion rate as well.

What is IP geolocation data?

IP geolocation is the practice of determining geographical data and information of a web visitor using his/her IP address. It helps gather details like the exact location of the user, country, region, city, currency, ZIP code and country code, etc. This information and details can be used by businesses to personalize website content, search, and offerings to deliver a personalized user experience. brands also use IP location data of users to deliver targeted ads, filter products or services based on user location and detect online order frauds, etc.

Benefits of Using IP Geolocation Data on your Business Website

Below are listed some reasons you should be using user location data on your online business website for better UX.

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Content Personalization

A website updated with useful and informative content drives massive traffic and boosts website authority as well. As a business website can be accessed by anyone from any corner of the world, using IP location API allows you to shift language preferences in real-time based on the user’s location. This makes content personalization easier and more effective for business websites. From website copy, and call to action to exit intent pop-ups and blog posts, everything can be shifted in real-time to improve the user experience on your site.

Improved Marketing Efforts

As targeted marketing helps companies reach the target audience more effectively, having data about the location of users significantly enhances the performance of targeted marketing efforts. Geolocation data enables brands and companies to determine what type of advertisements are effective for people living in a particular region or location. As a result, they are better able to spend marketing bucks on geo-targeted campaigns to drive more qualified users.

Highlight Relevant Products for a Specific Location

Modern consumers feel overwhelmed when presented with lots of products to choose from. This is where using IP location data comes in handy to present users with the most relevant products or services. Geolocation and past shopping behavior when combined can help brands predict what the customer will like most. For example, people living in areas with heavy snowfall are more likely to buy snow gears. And companies selling snow gears can target those areas using geolocation technology to boost their sales.

Automatic Price & Currency Adjustment

Price optimization is one of the key things to increase sales. Using location data of customers companies can effectively optimize price and currency exchange rate automatically to deliver an excellent experience. for instance, you can incorporate an IP location API on your business website to detect user location and convert product price into the local currency. This helps users a lot in buying decisions without using external currency exchange tools.

Online Fraud Detection

Detecting online order fraud is a common use of geolocation data these days. When people place orders online, geolocation data obtained from IP addresses helps retailers find out the current location of the user where the order is placed from. When the billing details and current location of users mismatch, online retailers require users for further verifications to prevent fraud. More and more eCommerce websites are using location tools and solutions to detect and avoid online order frauds.

Automatic Form Filling

Filling a contact or order form can be daunting for some users. They don’t want to spend time filling a lengthy order form and opt for a retailer with a short order or contact form. A geolocation API can automatically detect the current location details of a user and fill the common fields within moments. For instance, location API tools can help businesses fill form fields like city, state, zip code, country code, currency, etc. automatically on behalf of customers to save their time. This also contributes to the overall user experience.

Geofencing to Avoid Bad Traffic

Your business website uses geofencing to allow visitors from certain locations and prevent visitors from certain countries. This keeps people of a particular area, country, or city from visiting your website and viewing your products. Geofencing also comes into play when you want to sell your products to people or a specific country or state.

Present Right Products to the Right People

With help of location tools, it is easier than ever to present the right products to the right people. Online sellers of leather jackets must display their products to customers in countries with cold climates, for instance. Using location technology, you can easily find and locate countries with hot weather and set a geofence for them. Your site will attract more qualified traffic and you will be able to easily convert them into customers. You will also prevent non-interested visitors from visiting your site. Different businesses and brands can use location data tools to promote their products in particular territories with the target audience.

IP Geolocation Data Conclusion

For determining your users’ location, you must use a reliable location API tool to determine their location. You should also take some security measures to keep users’ data private and protected from bad guys. 

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