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How to create a non-profit landing page with Gutenberg


From this quick and simple tutorial, you will figure out what is a non-profit landing page and how to create your first unique non-profit landing page with the help of the Gutenberg editor.

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What is a non-profit landing page

Landing pages are helpful instruments in your nonprofit’s online marketing toolbox. Using a landing page allows you to manage your website traffic to the places you want them to go, and encourages visitors to take the actions you want them to take.

In case you have a program, an event or a campaign, the non-profit landing page will increase the level of engagement. With the help of such pages, you are able to direct people to register for an event, sign up for a program or download a resource.

Building your own non-profit landing page

As a first step, you need to go to the “Pages” > “Add new”. Here you can give a name to your page, which you can easily change in the future, in case you want to.


    While designing your non-profit landing page, you need to know, that there is an important thing, that the visitors notice the first. That is why you need to build an eye-catching and recognizable header. In this tutorial, as an example, we will name it “My non-profit landing page”.

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    The best headlines are clear, concise, and entice someone to empathize with your cause. The best headlines will demonstrate:

    • Urgency;
    • Need;
    • Impact;
    • Emotion.

    As a next step, you have to fill your page up with content. It should be as engaging as your main header. You may tell the story of your campaign, showcase statistics or heartwarming stories, that will evoke positive emotions. Use your story or the facts behind your cause to persuade people to support your efforts.


      Talking about the visual content, you have to pay more attention to the images and videos. Such sections will catch the eye of the visitors. The more captivating is your page, the more viewers you will attract. Such a dynamic section with the video will make people interact with your landing page. The video shouldn’t have to be very long, but it needs to be informative and give the necessary information


        People like statistics. Showcase your previous achievements, awards or goals that you gained. Such a feature will attract both visitors and donators and assure them of the reliability of your campaign. Your main aim is not just to invite a bunch of people to join you. You have to earn their trust and give them confidence that their donations will go to the right place.

        The Gutenberg native WordPress editor gives you the ability to use progress bars and choose between 6 different layouts. Besides, all the elements are flexible and easy to customize.


          As an additional tool, it will also be a good idea to add countdown timers to showcase when people are able to donate and when the donation term is over. This tool will mark the deadline and will serve as a motivator. You can also set the countdown to the day, which will work until your forms close for the day.


            What a non-profit landing page will be without a donation form! That is why it’s very important to create a neat and simple contact form, where visitors could leave their contacts and email, so you can send them the requisites for donation.


              Your non-profit landing page can be an effectual instrument for your organization. Build it simple, efficient, well-designed; grow your email subscriber list, increase your membership base, and bring in more donations. Once you start creating landing pages, you’ll see what an incredible difference they can make for your email marketing, subscription, and donation goals.

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