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Why Gutenberg WordPress Themes are Effectual?

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Today when you decide to become an owner of a website there are loads of solutions on different marketplaces. Now we want to talk about the Gutenberg WordPress themes and find out why they are effectual and worthwhile. 

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Firstly, you need to get to the bottom of the functionality and effectiveness of the Gutenberg themes at all. In a nutshell, Gutenberg is an available builder, that comes with the WordPress platform. It allows you to work with the blocks and build the pages in a few clicks. Also, the list of the blocks is enormous, so there are no doubts you can turn into reality almost any of your ideas. 

Then, in case you are a non-developer,  such themes will be a chance for you to start your experience with the Gutenberg editor and WordPress platform. The technology of applying blocks is extra simple and suitable for both professionals and newbies. 

With Gutenberg editor make your website building experience more efficient thanks to visual editing. Choose the typography or layout options and check them on the page immediately. Sure, this is a pocket of the whole list of features and benefits of the Gutenberg editor.    

Zemez creates plenty of WordPress themes every month and Gutenberg based themes aren’t the exception. The collection of such templates is enriching day in day out. So, in this article, we will review such themes as Ostin and ViStudio Gutenberg themes. 

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It’s time to dive in!

Gutenberg WordPress Themes

Our collection of Gutenberg WordPress themes is increasing every month. Below you can check the templates made by Zemez and choose the best one for you. 

Vistudio – Video Production and Movie WordPress Theme

Gutenberg WordPress themes

Meet the video production and movie Gutenberg WordPress theme called ViStudio. Choosing this theme you will get the convenient website building on the base of built-in WordPress blocks.

This template includes various page templates to any taste. You will get Home, Projects, About, Services, and other pages where it’s possible to display multiple elements. Showcase your best works via the videos in the background or in the different sections of the page. Add flip boxes, team members block, contact form, and other blocks according to your needs. All these features are available because of the ZeGuten plugin that is replete with premium blocks for Gutenberg. 

Undoubtedly, Zemez didn’t forget to make the ViStudio Gutenberg WordPress theme more modern through the responsive design. Each detail will look elegant and effectually.    

Ostin – Restaurant Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Gutenberg WordPress themes

For the restaurant business owners, there is a perfect solution as the Ostin Gutenberg WordPress theme. This theme will showcase the whole menu with the prices for increasing the trust of the clients and their comfort. Fill the positions on the menu as may as you need. 

Next, no less important feature is a reservation option. Any client that enters the website is able to reserve the table at the appropriate time and number of people. What can be better than this? Also, make sure your footer and header are fulfilled. Add the necessary information such as work hours, email addresses, social media widgets, or contact forms.  

SEO friendly websites can reach the top of the Google results in times fasters than the websites without this feature. 

ArchCorp – Gutenberg Theme for Architecture Construction

Among all of the Gutenberg WordPress themes from the Zemez collection ArchCorp is the one that fits any architecture construction business. You will get a bulk of ready-made pages for any occasion such as Home page, FAQs, Projects, News and others.

Moreover, by choosing the ArhCorp theme you receive one of the fastest templates, as it demonstrates top-notch loading speed – just 0.9 sec. It means the customers won’t wait for hours when the page appears. You can also see advanced header options, which boost the website in times. For your attention, there are various stick header options, multiple layouts, and templates to use.

And finally, ArchCorp boasts with its extra responsive design that guarantees perfect blocks placing on the page and comfy usage for any client. If you need detailed information, there is a clear documentation.

Powered by ZeGuten Blocks

ZeGuten for Gutenberg WordPress themes

What our Gutenberg WordPress themes are special for? It’s simple as ABC. Meet the ZeGuten plugin for Gutenberg. That is a premium collection of WordPress blocks? that you can’t find in the default version. ZeGuten will ass the functionality and variety of the pages and their possibilities. The use of the plugin is incredible and affordable for beginners. 

So, do you want to know more? Then, check out the list of blocks that comes with the ZeGuten plugin. 

For your attention there are 20 blocks that are divided into several aims: 

  1. Make the posts. For this purpose, you can use such a block as  Posts, that allow you to create the blog page as well.  
  2. Improve visual content. Take care of the appearance of your pages with the help of these blocks: Banner, Image comparison, Carousel, Animated box, etc. Their purpose is to make the visual content more eye-catching and attractive. 
  3. Showcase infographics. To display your success and achievements you can always add the infographics via the Circle progress, Countdown timer, Progress bar, and so on. 
  4. Organize the content. Structurize your content into the way you wish through the  Section or Icon list blocks. 
  5. Create successful integrations. Add the Advanced map to showcase the location of your company or make the block Subscribe visible on the pages. it will stimulate the customers to enter a subscription. 

Sure, this isn’t the whole list of the blocks you can get with ZeGuten. Check it here.

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