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Black Friday for Small Business Ideas in 2022

Black Friday for Small Business Ideas in 2022

Top 7 Black Friday for Small Business Ideas

The diversity of Black Friday for small business ideas allows many entrepreneurs to grow their client base. Moreover, it helps to establish long-lasting and loyal relations with your customers. The holiday season is always a great time to shop for gifts. People often choose to make excellent purchases during this time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are awesome opportunities for both online stores and their customers. However, attracting customers during this season may seem a tricky task.

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This is especially true for small businesses that need to stand out and attract new clients. Today we will discuss the top 7 techniques for such companies to make Black Friday beneficial to both them and their customers. Moreover, you’ll learn how to attract new clients using a marketing approach to Black Friday. It will allow you to earn the trust of your clients with time-proven methods. Besides, it will help you to improve your brand’s reputation.

What Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Before we explore Black Friday for small business ideas, let’s learn more about the day itself. Black Friday is the first day after Thanksgiving that starts the Christmas holiday shopping season. Being one of the busiest shopping days of the year, it is a perfect opportunity for online stores to efficiently promote their products. A properly designed marketing campaign is the way to better sales and more profit. For customers, it is also a great chance to buy the desired goods at a discounted price. Many offers are unique to Black Friday. For that reason, this event attracts extra attention from buyers.

With the development of online sales and eCommerce, a new major marketing event has emerged. It is called Cyber Monday and it happens on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It appeared due to many customers who continue looking for products after Black Friday sales are over. These two events present a great opportunity for retailers and online store owners to increase their sales and gain new loyal customers. That’s why being prepared for this time of the year is essential for many online stores.

Black Friday for Small Business Ideas and How They Can Help You

How Black Friday for Small Business Ideas Can Help Your Business

With such a diverse potential, Black Friday for small business ideas offer a lot of opportunities. First of all, according to research data, many online businesses have doubled their yearly profit thanks to the Black Friday specials. For small stores, such a revenue boost is vital for further business development. Many retailers plan their Black Friday sale strategies up to one year in advance. It helps them to properly prepare all required marketing techniques. Here are just some of the ways to attract more interested customers during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales:

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  1. Gift guides;
  2. Buying more to save more;
  3. Hourly deals;
  4. Early access to Black Friday events;
  5. Giveaways & last chance offers;
  6. Sneak peek and sale teasers on social media.

Such an approach also pays off with a better brand reputation and customer loyalty. It may seem a nice addition to increased sales and conversion. However, many stores plan their Black Friday events following their brand development strategies. This includes online marketing campaigns for such sales and related events. They can begin long before sales actually start. It gives store owners and managers some time to prepare their customers for upcoming deals and tease some interesting offers.

Creating Gift Guides for Your Black Friday Sale

Now that we’ve discussed the obvious advantages of annual Black Friday sales, let’s take a look at the 7 popular Black Friday for small business ideas. One of the most popular techniques to attract customers to your Black Friday sale is to publish several comprehensive gift guides for your customers. Some online shoppers may know what they need to buy online. However, most people looking to buy gifts may be looking for some advice on buying gifts. That’s exactly why gift guides are so popular, even when it’s not Black Friday.

Like any publication on the store’s blog, such guides have to be mobile-friendly and keyword-optimized. This also means that you need to include all the backlinks and reuse Black Friday event pages from previous years. By doing so, you won’t need to start anew and spend a lot of time accumulating new traffic. Moreover, it is recommended to start your Black Friday e-mail campaigns early. It also means preparing content for your sales. This way you’ll be able to offer your customers more related articles and offers when the sale season starts.

Free Gifts as an Idea for Black Friday Sale in 2022

Free Gifts with a Purchase: Encouraging Your Clients to Buy More

Offering a free gift with a purchase of or over a certain amount is another way to attract customers during the annual sales. This is one of those Black Friday for small business ideas that are equally beneficial to both customers and store owners. You can let your customers choose their free gifts. It is also recommended to add several free gifts depending on the spent amount of money. Moreover, it is important to pair gifts with proper products. For example, cables and LCDs or socks and shoes. Such an approach helps you to:

  • Increase your brand value;
  • Encourage repeating purchases;
  • Boost customer loyalty;
  • Improve conversion.

A similar idea of encouraging your clients to buy more on Black Friday is by offering greater discounts for shopping carts of a higher value. For example, you can make the total discount change depending on the number of chosen products. Besides, you can also add redeemable items that appear only during Black Friday/Cyber Monday events. These items may vary according to how much money your clients spend on various products. Finally, a mystery wheel is another great technique for encouraging your clients. When your buyers spend a certain amount of money, you can offer them to spin a wheel containing extra discounts on your products, free gifts, or exclusive items.

Attract More Customers During the Black Friday Sale with Hourly Deals

If your store has regular traffic, you can gain a lot from using hourly deals. This kind of Black Friday for small business ideas keeps your customers coming back for more interesting deals. This can be done by changing your special offers regularly. Even if you can’t update your discounts hourly, you can promote your daily specials. Additionally, it is possible to introduce exclusive discounts and promotional codes to regular buyers. This will help you get more returning customers.

It is important to remember that deals of the hour need to differ from your current offers. For example, they usually provide greater discounts on specific products or collections. These offers aren’t announced beforehand unlike the specials that last longer. Doing so may encourage your customers to return to your online store regularly. These offers also require the proper banner design. It attracts the attention of your website visitors. Many stores add these banners on top of the homepage to advertise these products.

Black Friday for Small Business Ideas: Early Access to Sales

More Black Friday for Small Business Ideas: Early Access to Sales

Planning your sales always brings great results. One of the Black Friday for small business ideas is based on this concept. If your store has a regular newsletter, you can provide early access to your loyal e-mail subscribers. The same approach can be used with your fans on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. With proper coverage of upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales before they start, more people may get to know your store and brand. This also means providing exclusive access to the sale for your social media followers.

Some stores offer exclusive subscriptions and loyalty programs to their regular buyers. Members of such programs often get access to holiday and Black Friday sales two days before the global start of the event. Often such early access is marketed as an advantage in comparison to other similar stores. Also, some customers of eCommerce websites may get better deals and higher discounts. This is done to encourage regular clients to buy more. Also, such offers attract returning customers to become regular ones. They may even consider the paid subscription. These are just some of the options that can be used to introduce early access to seasonal sales.

Last Chance Offers: Getting Customers’ Attention Before the Sale Ends

The next one of Black Friday for small business ideas is connected with last-chance offers. Many clients wish to get a time-limited special. However, they don’t always get a chance to do it. This happens a lot, especially in the earlier stages of Black Friday sales. That’s exactly why the last-chance sales are added during the last days of seasonal sales. They give those customers who have just learned about your sale event an opportunity to purchase something they have been looking for for a long time.

This solution can help you make an additional profit when you advertise your sale before it ends. Many customers who took part in your event often return for last-chance discounts. Some stores even go for extending the sale. If you decide to do so, don’t forget to remind your customers about a new period of sale expiration. This increases the chance of your customers making a second purchase. Besides, such a strategy offers many customers a second chance to save on their favorite goods.

Establishing Giveaways and Special Offers for Your Clients

Giveaways and Targeted Offers for Your Clients

Social media play an important role in every sale. That’s why hosting giveaways on your store’s social account is also useful. It is one of the greatest Black Friday for small business ideas. This way you can boost the traffic to your store and social pages. However, it also attracts new potential customers to your eCommerce website. Similar to free gifts, giveaways provide your followers with extra discounts. The latter can be used on your site. These are usually time-limited and often launched before the sale starts. It helps you to ensure that more people know about an upcoming Black Friday event.

For both new and returning customers, it is recommended to provide targeted offers and discounts. This includes not just related items that can be found on a product page. You can add promotional codes for the first purchase or additional discounts for items on a person’s wishlist. You can also offer special discounts for returning customers who haven’t visited your site for a while. Take time to research the needs of your target audience before starting the sale. This will help you provide a customized buying experience that every customer will appreciate.

Why Sneak Peeks and Hashtags are Important for Any Black Friday Sale

Lastly, we would like to talk about sale sneak peeks. They are also great Black Friday for small business ideas. This is often used to promote your sale before it starts. It can be a post on your Instagram page or a short video on YouTube. Still, you need to use the appropriate social media channels to advertise the right offers. By teasing your upcoming deals, you allow clients to plan their purchases. When creating content about your Black Friday sale, don’t forget to use hashtags. This will help your customers to find the desired offers easily. They will gladly share the chosen products with their friends and followers. Here are some of the popular tags:

  • #BlackFriday
  • #CyberMonday
  • #BlackFridayDeals
  • #Sale2022

Various eCommerce stores often give early access to bloggers. They can review or just mention the upcoming sale and what it will provide. This offers additional coverage of your event and attracts more interested buyers. Additionally, you may try adding new products just before the sale starts. You can even promote new arrivals during the sale. This will make your store more attractive to clients looking for new and fresh deals.

Black Friday for Small Business Ideas: Conclusion

We hope this guide proved to be useful for your upcoming seasonal sale. With these Black Friday for small business ideas, you can attract more buyers. Remember that a successful sale starts with proper planning. And with all the abovementioned techniques, you can add more value to any sale, not just Black Friday. Don’t forget to inform your customers about exclusive deals at your store. This will help you attract new clients to your eCommerce website.

If you need more guides about marketing and eCommerce, we invite you to our blog. There you’ll find informative articles published regularly by our authors. For various design solutions for your store, feel free to visit our website. To receive news and updates from our team via your favorite social media, don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. With Zemez, you will get all the latest trends and content from the world of web development.

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