How to create unique headers in Monstroid2

As every website has a similar structure all of them include headers and footers. Commonly headers and footers include important data, links and necessary pages in a menu to let customers easily find them. A lot of web-developers put hamburger menu, call-to-actions, social network links there. These elements also help you in website navigation. The other distinguishing features of headers and footers are that they are present on each page of the website. They can be the same or different on versatile pages.

The importance of page header

The header is the first thing that visitors see when entering the site. That is why it is too important to choose the beautiful style and catchy structure for this section. Be careful when deciding what information to put there, and remember that it should encourage users to continue using your website.

Website owners often place the company logo into the header. Make sure that it is clickable and let users return to the front page. To put a hamburger menu into the header is also a great idea. It will help visitors find the needed page and easily reach it. If you have a registration form on your website also add the “sign-in” button to the header for quick access to the customers’ account.

Build WordPress page header from scratch

Open the Dashboard and there in the Monstroid2 section find “My Library”. Then click on “Add New”. Select the template type, in our case it will be a header, name it, and create a template.

build wordpress page header

    In the Theme Parts section find the created header and open Elementor by clicking on “Edit with Elementor”.

    build wordpress page header

      When the editor opens you will see the rectangle in the editing space. To start your work you should click on “+” and select the structure.

      build wordpress page header

        Choose any element you want into the created section and fill the columns with the necessary data. We decided to paste in our header the logo, nav menu, and social icons. You can also change their style and details.

        build wordpress page header

          Edit a built-in Monstroid2 header

          After you have downloaded and installed the theme you can see how your website looks and now it is ready for customization. In the top panel of the page find “Edit with Elementor”, put your cursor on it and click on “Header”. Then the header template will open in the editor, and you will be able to start the editing process.

          build wordpress page header

            You can choose any element of this section and customize or replace it at your discretion.

            build wordpress page header

              Header via Monstroid2 Magic Button

              As you have noticed from the screenshots above, when you edit Monstroid2 elements, under them you can find the “Magic Button”. With its help, you can choose the header from dozens of ready layouts and customize them as you wish.

              build wordpress page header

                With the Monstroid2 theme, you have a lot of variants on how to build WordPress page header for your website. You can build it from scratch or with layouts. It is only your choice which one to select. M2 also provides the collection of icons, images, and a lot of other elements you can use with your project. This simplifies your working process and makes it pleasurable.

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