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GDPR suite

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  • A banner for cookies policy
  • Ability to revoke consent for users
  • GDPR-compliance for forms
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Estimated time: 48 b.h.

The following important changes will be integrated to your theme to comply with the core GDPR rules

1.Google Analytics opt-out for your website

This option allows the visitors to decide on their own if they want their data to be accessible within Google Analytics stats. It’s an essential option for ensuring your website’s GDPR compliance.

2.An option for users to delete themselves for website

If the user no longer wants his data to be stored in the database of your website, they no longer want to use your website and intend to delete themselves from it, we will add an option that will allow them to do so.

3.Preventing of recording IP address of commenter

When anyone leaves a comment or product on the WordPress-based website, his IP address is automatically recorded. In order to make your website GDPR-compliant, you’ll need to prevent WordPress from doing this. Our professionals will assist you with this case.

4.Adding Cookies and Privacy Policy pages

We will create the Privacy Policy and Cookies pages and place a generic text of the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. However, please, note, that in order for your website to become fully compliant with all the GDPR standards, you’d have to describe all the tracking and monitoring scripts and methods used on your website in order for the users to be aware at all times what information you receive about them through your website or any other analytics or tracking system.

5.Adding a banner that notifies about the cookies being used

We will add a banner to your website, that will show up when the visitor enters your website, and inform him that you use cookies to provide the best user experience.

6.GDPR comment form privacy checkbox

Our team will add a notification of consent to the storage of data with a link to the Privacy policy page and the checkbox in built-in theme contact forms, built-in newsletter subscription forms, WordPress registration form and WooCommerce product reviews forms.

7.An option for requests for accessing and deletion of user’s personal data

This option is added in order to enable the site users to submit a request to access, delete or anonymize their personal data stored on your website (comments and commenter information).

Check the way our service works

We will help you to make your website compliant with the GDPR standards. Feel free to check how the service will be applied to your website here.

Please note, compliance to GDPR is risk-based ongoing process that involves your whole business. We are not eligible for any claim or action based on any information or functionality implemented with this offer.