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The fastest way to launch your website from scratch. Includes everything you need for a quick start

1.Fast and professional WordPress template installation

Our skilled team will install any WordPress theme to your hosting, with all the required plugins and demo content that comes with it. If you don’t have WordPress content management system installed, we’ll also do it for you.

2. Adding your unique logo to website’s pages

You’ve got a logo that you want to be recognized by your visitors as a mark of your brand, representing your services or business? We will add it to your website, making certain it replaces all the places where the default logo had been.

3. Color scheme customization

You’ve got the color combination that is significant for your brand? We can change the default colors of the theme used on your site to the color scheme of your choice, making certain that the elements preserve readability and look even better than before, proclaiming your brand colors to the whole world.

4.We’ll add content to 5 pages and 10 posts

We will help you launch your website with all the content in place, that will help you start immediately after the website goes live. The service includes adding of 5 texts for your website’s page, and 10 posts for your blog. It is a must-have content minimum you need to have on your website when it becomes available for your audience. Please, make sure you have it prepared in order for us to place it.

Make sure to check our Copywriting service if you don’t have any content yet.

5. Contact form setup

Naturally, you need your website’s visitors to be able to get in touch with you. The best way to do so, apart from social media links, is a contact form, that allows you to receive the messages your visitors leave for you, vie e-mail. Our team will tune up the contact form of your website, ensuring it works, and you will be aware of the messages your visitors leave in a contact form, at all times.