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Online store integration

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  • Shop and product pages
  • Checkout option
  • Stylization settings
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We’ll turn your website into a stylish WooCommerce-based online store

1. Transform your website into a shop

You’ve got a live WordPress website with your custom content, yet you want to make an online store based on it? It’s totally possible to boost it with WooCommerce functionality by adding the page templates, ensuring they are styled properly, and the store functionality runs smoothly. Our professional team will help you do it!

2. WooCommerce plugin set up

Our specialist will add WooCommerce plugin to your website, and tune it up in order for you to be able to handle an online store, add products, set prices, and payment methods. The full online store functionality will be set up from scratch in order to make it easy for you to work with your products list in the future.

3. Shop and Product pages stylization

You need an engaging Shop page template to showcase the products in the most advantageous light? Our team will create such a template for you, making sure that the layout of the products looks good and is easy to navigate, sort and filter through.
The Single Product page template will be set as well, representing each of your products, its specifics, and price.