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JetReviews. Embrace the Power of Attractive Reviews

Have You ever dreamed of creating stylish and fully responsive reviews using Elementor? In this case, JetReviews might be the very plugin You’re looking for!

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It allows creating reviews on the pages built with Elementor live page builder, using the post meta, previously added to the post & page. It also allows creating a review content from scratch using the Review widget, which appears in the general list of available widgets.

Specially Cut for Showcasing Reviews

The plugin possesses everything needed for creating and displaying reviews, which happen to be the essential part of the blogging websites and online stores.
The reviews are proven to influence the person’s opinion in lots of ways, so if You’re bound on sharing Your opinion with the visitors, You’ll find JetReview plugin extremely efficient!

Abundant Style Settings

With the Review widget for Elementor You’ll have access to lots of style settings, allowing to change almost everything from typography settings and shadow options to colors and backgrounds used for the review blocks.

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Versatile Rating Presentations

Represent the rating values in the form of stars, rating bars and numbers in order to make the review more evident and eye-catching! It is astonishing how many options are out there for creating a review with a rating bar!

Fully Responsive Layout

You can master the widget’s blocks responsiveness by changing the elements’ height and width for different devices. As a result Your content will look magnificent on both large and smaller screens!

Simple and Intuitive

It is easy to use JetReviews to add reviews in practically several clicks! The interface is clear and simple.
And, what is the most important about JetReviews, is that one doesn’t need any coding skills in order to use it. You can add reviews by dragging and dropping the Review widget to the needed column in the page’s structure!

Feel free to check the JetReviews plugin live demo in order to see for sure how it can look on Your webpages!

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    Does this plugin have support for schema markup for reviews? i’m guessing not or you would have mentioned it. if not, that would be a fantastic feature to add.

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